What to Consider in Your Search for a Trustworthy Logistic Company in Malaysia?

Several business owners are unaware that they also need the service of other businesses. They need to be aware that they cannot do everything even if they hired more in-house staff to operate day-to-day operations. Once their business expands, they would need a bigger and reliant service that they can outsource. If that happens it is not only their job to maintain that they have a good relationship with their customers and employees, but they must also have a good professional relationship with their business partners. 

Looking for trustworthy business partners is often compared to finding your soulmate whom you will live with for the rest of your life. Business partners are similar, essentially, because they would complete what you lack to operate your business, earn a profit, and satisfy customers. If your business is based online to reach customers to buy your products, you would need a reliable logistic company in Malaysia to help you meet the satisfaction they expect. To meet this satisfaction is, of course, getting their ordered product in secured packaging and on-time arrival at their doorstep. 

In the age of technology, people are used to having everything in an instant. From coffee to shopping, they know that there would be a person out there who had invented items that can make their life easy. One of them is the emergence of eCommerce businesses. It is an industry that is rapidly growing and, in the era of a worldwide pandemic, it is expected that it will grow further from where it is now. If you are an eCommerce business owner, you must know your needs for an efficient and reliable logistic company. 

In this article, you will learn about the common problems that businesses in your industry face and one of them is the search for a trustworthy logistic company in Malaysia. It may seem easy but, once you know the importance of having a reliable company, you will realise that you should do a careful search. Below, you will find the considerations you need to take when looking for a prospective logistics partner. Not only that, but you will also learn how you can talk to them with some tips. Thus, take down notes as you read through the end of this article!


Common Problems that eCommerce Businesses Face

If you ask someone who has been involved in eCommerce for the past years, they would say that a lot has changed. While change is the only inevitable aspect in the lives of people, it is also the most difficult aspect to keep up with. 

Technology has been a major factor in the change of the eCommerce industry. Its objective is to serve people and make their lives easier, an eCommerce business owner like you may be thankful that it has been the reason why you can resolve issues on a whim. If technology is not a problem, these are the common problems that you can expect as an eCommerce business owner:


Customer’s inexplicable expectations

Before you were a business owner, you were a customer. You have an idea how demanding customers can get when they want to receive good value for their money. Some would demand to have their products delivered via an express delivery service even when they know that your business is a month old. 

It is a common problem that established eCommerce businesses face as well. Hence, the best that you can do when this happens is to listen to their complaints and assure that you will be getting better logistic service soon.

Keeping up with the competition

The internet is a vast world, and everyone has the right to access it as much as you do. The result? You will be facing lots of competition because there would be hundreds of businesses who offer the same products and services. Since there would be a race to attract the same target audience, it is difficult to carve a place for your business.

What is alarming is that the eCommerce space would only be getting more congested and competitive over the years. Hence, it would be a step forward if you know the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your competitors. It would help you fill that gap so that the customers would come to you. One may be the performance of your competitors’ delivery service.

Choosing the right business partners

From creating a well-designed and functional website to partnering with an experienced logistic and warehousing company in Malaysia, the search is not easy. You may have visions and aspirations to improve your business and stand out from the competition, but it is difficult to get the right people to help you materialise these desires. 

When you took the role of becoming a boss of your own eCommerce business, you must know the responsibilities it entails. One of them is knowing the businesses you would need to help your business to function properly. To help you start, you must know the essential role that a reliable logistic company would do for your business.


The Importance of a Logistic Company to eCommerce Businesses 

Outsourcing your logistics needs would be more beneficial for your business. Not only will they have the resources to perform logistic tasks, but they also know how to efficiently help you meet the demands of customers. Whether it is having an order tracking system or an express delivery service, trust that they know what to do to keep your company’s good image!

If you want a further elaboration on the importance of having a trusted logistic company in Malaysia by your side, here they are:


Significant reduction of expenses

Logistics must be managed efficiently if you want to avoid problems. In-house staff for handling inventory, delivery, and overall management is more costly than you think. You would be investing in training and technology that are cutting a huge amount from your profit!

By outsourcing, you would see a significant reduction in your monthly expenses. They would handle all the spaces, technology, and people that your business needs to have an efficient delivery and warehousing system.

Increased customer satisfaction

Not only will your employees no longer have to be bothered by customers who have complaints about their late parcels, but you will also gain an increase in customer satisfaction. Since a logistics company’s warehousing in Malaysia is in the city, you would not have to let your customers wait a day to have their goods delivered because your outsourced company will do the delivery process immediately.

They know how the business goes

If you are an expert in the field of eCommerce, trust that your hired logistic company knows all the ins and outs of their industry. In this way, you would no longer have to search, educate, and hire your in-house logistics experts. Your chosen company will do it all for you.

It is one of the benefits of having a trusted business partner in the logistics industry because with them, you can focus on your business, such as product improvement and coming up with advertising strategies. Most of all, you would have zero worries about being an inefficient provider for your loyal customers.

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What are the Considerations to Remember When Looking for a Logistic Company?

A modern eCommerce business must have the match for a modern logistic company. Therefore, the selection process is crucial if you want to have a stable business flow, fund flow, and information flow of your products. If you want to know how you can partner with the right company, here are the considerations you must remember during your search:


There is a reason why popular online stores are much more famous than others, it is because they have a good reputation in their industry and customers. It is what you should also look into when you are searching for a logistic company in Malaysia. The easiest way to find out their reputation is to look for positive reviews, testimonials, and what their past clients say about them.

Variety of services

Even with a good reputation, a logistic company can fail in many areas where you need them to excel, such as the services they provide. Do they have warehousing or express delivery services? If not, what can you get from them? As much as possible, you should partner with a company that can give you the options you need to operate your business.

Security and technology

When you assure your customers that you have a robust data security solution in your business, you would not want to fail them by partnering with a logistic company that puts their personal information at risk because they use outdated technology. You must ensure that each prospective company you plan on sealing a contract with have integrated IT systems for their transport management and warehousing in Malaysia!

Warehouse safety

In the eCommerce industry, you may already be familiar with unpredictable increases in demands of certain products. Hence, you must have secure warehousing from a logistic company to have enough space for your products. With the uncertainty of these increased demands, you would want a facility that is secured and has implemented safety management. Thus, be mindful and aware of your prospective logistic company when it comes to this.

Long-term business relationship

As mentioned, finding a logistic company in Malaysia or any part of the world is likened to finding your soulmate—you are building a long-term relationship. Your prospective company should share the same sentiment. If not, you would be hopping from company to company that will lead to a disrupted business flow. You would not want to lose your customers because of that.

While knowing the considerations is an easy task, the next step is to talk to the logistic companies on your list.


How to Talk to Your Prospective Logistic Company Partners

Many eCommerce companies may have failed in the search for a logistic company in Malaysia for many reasons, and one of them is failed communication right from the start. It is what you would want to avoid if you want to have a successful and long-term professional partnership with them. Here are some tips to help you with your interviews and consultations:

Be-honestBe honest

Honesty is the best policy, and it applies to talking with your logistic company. You do not want to exaggerate your demands, at the same time, you would not want to underestimate what you need from them. To avoid that, being truthful about the state of your company to help them know if they can meet your needs.

Ask questions

The last thing you want to happen is to call them up during busy hours to ask a question you forgot to ask about their express delivery service. When you have an interview scheduled with them, it is best to come prepared with questions that would allow you to know what you need to know about them.

Here are a few essential questions you should not forget to ask:


  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Do you have experience working with eCommerce businesses?
  • What are the products you can support in your delivery service?
  • Where are your warehouses?
  • Can you give me a quotation based on what I told you about my business?
  • What systems do you have in place that allows me to get real-time inventory data?
  • Do you give discount rates for large transport orders?

Express what you expect from them

From the get-go, you must already express what you expect from their business. It might be an easy expansion process for their warehousing or having accountability when items in our inventory get damaged by warehouse staff. As much as possible, be clear of what you expect them to do and also assure them of the responsibilities that you will fulfil when you become business partners. 

Hock-Cheong-Logistics-as-Your-Trusted-Logistics-Partner-in-MalaysiaHock Cheong Logistics as Your Trusted Logistics Partner in Malaysia

Time is money in the business world. In the fast-paced life that your customers have in Malaysia, one of the ways you can satisfy them is to have a logistic partner that can keep up with their lifestyle. The express delivery service that Hock Cheong Logistics may be the service that can help you increase your customer satisfaction! 

Trust that they have all the qualities that you look for in a logistics provider. Send them a message to set up a deal with them today!

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