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There are a lot of different and powerful compositions on Tactical Combat. We stop today on the one composed of Ninja / Assassin synergies. Monstrous damage very quickly, this is one of the best compositions currently on Teamfight Tactics.

Assassin compo guide on Tactical Combat

There are many possible compositions for Combat tactique and we invite you to dwell on a specific item in this guide. Based on the Ninja synergy and more precisely on Akali , an extremely strong champion currently in the meta, we add the bonus 6 Assassins to allow him to destroy even more the opposing composition. A few items will also be very important for your Akali to be even more destructive, but before that, let’s start without further ado with the workforce review. Also you can buy tft boosting at the cheapest prices and come up with the best choices for the apunka games.

The composition that you ideally want to have at level 9

Tactical Combat

When you have gathered all these champions, here are the synergies that will be completed:

    6 Assassins → Assassins inflict + 350% damage during critical hits.

    4 Ninjas → All Ninjas gain + 80% attack damage. 

It is obvious ; your component is made to inflict maximum damage as quickly as possible, with an AD and AP input, which can be very effective. Currently God Tier, this component has a large powerspike once completed, with monster damage, zone CCs (Kennen , Pyke) and a little time delay (Shen). You will be sensitive to crowd controls and tank itemizations, but you will cheerfully cut enemy carry.

Note: Katarina can replace Evelynn or Rengar if the opportunity is right.

It is also possible to modify this composition by having only 3 assassins (Akali , Zed , Pyke) to allow you to have the elemental bonus ( Kennen , Brand , Lissandra / Anivia ), which will make a golem spawn for you, very useful to take the aggro instead of your assassins.

The items you are looking for

The most important thing is to stuff your Akali . Several items can be interesting on her, but try to have at least one mana item like the Seraph Embrace or the Shojin Lance to allow her to use her ultimate as often as possible. A Rabadon headdress is more than interesting to boost its damage and the third object is quite optional. You can go on another item to Mana (but it may end up before jumping), another Rabadon’s Headdress, or a slightly more defensive item like a Phantom Dancer or a Dragon’s Claw.

The Iron Solari is a very good item, try to craft several and put them on the same champion. Ideally, placing them on Kennen or Shen to make them tanky is a very good option, but it is optional.

Shojin’s Spear is a great item on Pyke , allowing him to use his zone CC as often as possible. Several Shojin Lances are also welcome. Coupled with a Morellonomicon or an Ultra-fast Cannon, your Pyke can become the second carry of your composition.

The Ultra-Rapid Cannon is a very useful one for making sure to inflict damage on opponents in addition to increasing the range of your champions who are almost all hand-to-hand.

The Morellonomicon can be devastating on Kennen, procuring its DOT on all targets taken in the Maelstrom.


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