What is the most effective anti-hair loss treatment for men over 40 years of age?

We spend a goodly time in front of the mirror to set our hairs. Everyone wants a bushy scalp. However, we often take our hair for granted. Due to the negligence toward the hair care, our hair begins to fall, and sometimes it leads to hair loss. It is a condition when new hairs do not grow in place of the lost ones. People of all ages can experience alopecia (medical name of hair loss). However, men are more likely to develop the condition with an increase in their age. If you are one of those experiencing loss of hair constantly, consult with your doctor. He or she may diagnose your condition and prescribe the best hair loss treatment for men.

What causes men over 40 to develop hair loss? 

Increasing age brings sluggishness in the body functions and a decrease in the growth hormones. The same reason applies here. When men reach their 40s, the production of testosterone is decreased, leading to certain medical conditions and deprived body function. One of the consequences is hair loss. Men who are above the age of 40 are more likely to have the problem of hair loss than men who are young are. However, increased age is not the only reason that results in causing hair loss. Some other reasons can be responsible for the same condition.

What are the other causes of alopecia? 

Other causes can also result in hair loss. However, they may be identified in a diagnosis. The possible ones are as follows-

  • Male pattern alopecia, a condition in which testosterone gets converted into dihydrotestosterone and causes loss of hair
  • Stressmakes the hair follicles dormant and makes them weak, resulting in alopecia
  • Health conditionslike thyroid disorders and treatment for cancer, hypertension, and depression can also cause hair loss

Your doctor may rule out the exact cause responsible for your condition and prescribe suitable treatment methods accordingly.

What is the most effective hair loss treatment for men? 

Your treatment may rely upon the cause detected in the diagnosis. However, there are effective treatments for hair loss, which can help grow your hair back. You can consult with your doctor for the same. Nevertheless, Finasteride and Minoxidil are well-working treatments that can help cure hair loss.

Finasteride is a tablet taken once a day. However, Minoxidil is a spray that can be used two times a day. Both medications work well in the treatment of alopecia. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor about the correct usage of the medication you are taking.

Other things that you can do to regrow thinning hair and prevent alopecia are-

  • Consult with your doctor if you need to change your shampoo
  • Scalp massage
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Take sufficient vitamin D. If you are unable to fulfill the need, consult with your doctor for vitamin D supplements

You can ask your doctor for more hair loss treatment for men and supportive home treatments to grow new hairs. Moreover, it is advisable to use home remedies along with taking the prescribed medications for successful results.

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