Working With A Customs Broker In Canada? Check These Tips!

Importing goods for commercial reasons into Canada can be a lucrative idea. In practice, imports are subjected to a bunch of rules, regulations, and you have to deal with Canada Border Services Agency. All imports have to be done in line with the rules and regulations, and details, like country of origins, traffic classifications, routings must be mentioned as per statutory requirements.

The role of customs brokers

All customs brokers in Canada have to be licensed and they work directly with CBSA to help clients get their imports easily. They don’t bypass requirements, however. In fact, they ensure that the paperwork is done right to get the goods as quickly as possible. For example, if you are importing a car from the US, you may seek assistance for Clearit ITN number request. Brokers like Clearit simplify the process, and since most of it is done online, customs brokers don’t need an office at the port of entry.

Working with a new customs broker

There are a few things to discuss when you choose to work with a customs broker. First and foremost, ask them the extent and nature of support they can provide for importers. The experience of the customs broker is also something to be considered. The long a customs broker has been in business, the better. While the role of these brokers is to complete paperwork in time, they also double up as consultants and offer incredible insight into the process of imports and risks associated with selected categories. In case your imports are subject to certain risks, the customs broker can help in mitigating the same.

Is it compulsory to work with a customs broker?

There is no law that states that you have to hire a customs broker for your company’s importing needs. However, most companies eventually end up hiring one because they want the best possible experience and want to reduce their work. Instead of using your team to get documents ready, work with customs brokers and simplify the process, so that human resources of your company can be used for better work. Also, it is a wise idea to review the role of customs brokers based on the kind of goods you import.

It is important to understand that customs brokers don’t really have a say on whether Officers at Customs will pass your goods or not, but they do simplify and easy the clearing process.

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