Warehouse Logistics | What Questions Should You Ask Them?

Before a product arrives at a customer’s home, it would go through a lot of processes. For sure, as an eCommerce owner, you know what those procedures are. Packing, storing and delivering the product to the exact address indicated is what you should do. However, doing it by yourself would not be easy. More so, if you have customers all over the world. As a result, you would not be able to distribute their orders on time, and your brand would lose its reputation. Of course, you would not want that to happen. So, consider hiring warehouse logistics. They can help your brand run smoothly.

Here, take a look at these ten questions that can help you weigh if they are the right warehousing company for your business in Malaysia.

What questions must you ask your potential warehouse logistics?

  1. Have you handled the same eCommerce business like mine?

This question is necessary for a startup, especially if their products are new in the market. However, before asking this, you must know first how their order fulfilment process works. An ideal warehouse logistics would explain this in two situations, either one for irregular flow or high demands. Nevertheless, this question would allow you to know how they approach your business.

  1. What kind of products do you support?

Not all warehouse logisticsstore perishable goods. So, if you sell those products, you better ask the warehousing company if they support those. That way, you would have an idea if you could trust them with your products.  And if they said yes, make sure to follow up on how they handle this kind of item.

  1. Do you have capacity limits?

Asking this question would allow you to determine how many items you can store in their cross-docking warehouse. That way, you would be able to segregate those in each area, and your customers would not have to wait for long for their orders to arrive at their doorsteps. So, see how many items they could fulfil.

  1. Where are your warehouses located?

Knowing this would allow you to distribute the orders at the nearest location where your customers are. As a result, your customers would receive their orders more quickly. With that, they appreciate your brand more, and they might recommend it to others. And, that would increase your relevance in the market.

  1. What warehousing system do you use?

Of course, not all of them use the same warehousing system in Malaysia. So, be sure to find out what software they use. That way, you would be able to grasp how efficient their operations are and if you could rely on them. If you can, ask them if they could show some demonstration on how it works.

  1. What is your pricing structure?

Naturally, you must understand their pricing structure so you would know if their services are cost-effective. Also, this matter is where you usually find faults about how transparent their operations are. So, make sure to request a quote or a price listing on the services you would want to avail.

  1. Would I be able to get a real-time update?

A reliable warehousing company in Malaysiashould be able to provide this. So, you would understand better about their operations and know where your orders are. Having this information would allow you to determine when the order of your customers would arrive.  If they said yes, they need to explain how you would receive an update from them.

  1. How fast can you distribute orders?

This question might sound so obvious to ask, but it is worth mentioning. You see, the faster you deliver the orders to your customers, the better. Your customers would have a good impression of your brand. More so, if they receive it in good shape.

Remember, expedite delivery services in Malaysia usually take two to three days to arrive. On the other hand, for overseas shipping, it would take a week or two. Knowing this would help you handle how long your customer needs to wait for their orders to arrive.

  1. Do you have a product return policy?

As much as you want to serve your customers with quality products, you cannot determine what will happen. Things could get lost and breaks at any time. As a result, your customers would have to return or reimburse the products they bought from you. For that reason, you have to know and understand how their product return policy works. That way, you can incline that with your terms and conditions.

  1. Can you provide references from your clients similar to mine?

Lastly, this question would allow you to determine how well they interact and meet their client demands. So, once they provide you with a list, be sure to contact them right away. Ask them a few questions on how much they trust this warehousingcompany and their opinions are about their services.

Do you still have more questions about warehousing in Malaysia?

Hopefully, this article would help you find reliable warehouse logistics for your business in Malaysia. Also, to find out what you can expect once you hire them. That way, if what you will be paying for is worth the price.

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