Understand What Is A Heat Pump For Heating Bath Water

Heat Pumps are undoubtedly the best option for those who want to make a constant supply of hot water in the necessary quantities for different segments on a regular and reliable basis. Condominiums, hotels, motels, hospitals, and various other segments, such as industries that use central heating systems, are adhering more and more frequently to this technology, which in addition to being efficient, is ecologically correct.

Another point that has been drawing the attention of administrators is the economy that the system provides. The installation of a Heat Pump can reduce up to 70% of the cost of heating water compared to other systems. Not to mention the possibility of being adapted to existing plants or even being included in a project for a new heating plant.

Below, you will find out how a Heat Pump works, its advantages, and why the system is ideal for various environments. 

What A Heat Pump Is And How It Works

The name of the equipment itself says a lot about its operation. A Heat Pump is nothing more than a device that transfers heat energy in the form of heat from one medium to another. The system extracts the heat necessary to heat a bathwater tank or boiler from the air.

This is done using a refrigerant fluid. This ecological substance is pumped by a condenser directly to a coil, where it is then evaporated under low pressure, absorbing the heat from the environment. Soon after, the refrigerant is compressed into a condenser, where it makes a heat pump with water.

Then, a second heat exchange occurs. This time, in an evaporator, where the ambient air comes in contact with the refrigerant.

Finally, a fan, which also makes up the system, assists in pulling the air that has come into contact with the refrigerant and sends it to the external environment. From there, the cycle starts again.

In this practical and straightforward way, the heat pump can heat the water up to 60 ° C!

Without Competition

As seen at https://www.wolfersheating.com/heat-pumps-woodburn-wa/, the heat pump does not depend on external factors for the entire operation. Something very different from what happens with other water heating systems, such as solar.  

A heat pump is still much more efficient than diesel, wood, or natural gas heaters, which may not fully meet a building’s demand if there is a shortage of fuel.


When comparing a heat pump to a gas-fired heater, the benefits are even more significant. Although efficient, the electrical system consumes up to 3 times more energy to heat the same amount of water.

The result is felt in the pocket. As they are up to 70% more efficient, heat pumps are economical, making them a high-return investment with guaranteed payback.

And why is it more economical? When a project has a gas heating system and installs a Faster, its gas bill is reduced or even zeroed. The only expense that remains is that of electrical energy, necessary for the heat pump’s operation.


The effectiveness of the system is proven in both hot and cold regions. Besides, the system is dimensioned according to the characteristics of each project, guaranteeing the perfect attendance to the demand of each client.

In addition to ensuring its adaptation to virtually any situation, this customization by https://www.wolfersheating.com/heating/heat-pumps/ helps you always get the most out of the equipment.

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