Some Helpful Tips for Raising Kids in the Digital Era

We are living in a world of ever-changing technology where it can be challenging to raise our children the right way. Raising them in a way that allows them to have the freedom to do anything to find their way in this digital age can be daunting because we want them to have a safe online experience at the same time.

The internet, as well as the technology, is changing rapidly that it has become impossible to keep up with all the new updates, new apps, and new potential online dangers. Truth be told, raising your kids in the digital age can be downright scary. We may have created spy apps for Android and iPhone devices but even to benefit from them effectively, we have to fully understand them first.

This requires us to stay abreast of all the latest news and happenings in the modern technological world and to keep up with our kid’s digital lives. Gone are the days when your kids were fine without digital devices. Now, they need a smartphone or a tablet with quick access to the internet and it’s impossible for them to imagine their lives without either of them.

So, how do we allow our kids to enjoy digital freedom and at the same time keep them safe from the potential online dangers? Here are some helpful tips for raising kids in the digital age.

Maintain Open Communication

It is important to maintain open and honest communication with your kids so you can give them a sense of trust and honesty right from the start. You should encourage your kids to reach out to you and talk to you as soon as they enter the world of social media and online gaming.

Your kids should be comfortable while talking to you about their online experiences and should not be scared to discuss any situation that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable on the internet. If or when they come to you with a problem, it’s important to not react negatively and instantly jump to the conclusion.

Welcome them with open arms, hear them out and discuss what a possible solution could be. If you freak out and get all worried in front of them, chances are they might not come to you again.

Teach Kids About Online Safety

Before you allow your kids to access the internet and use various digital devices, you must teach them about online safety. Make them understand how to navigate different sites and apps online, and explain to them how to use them safely and responsibly.

Teach them the extremity of using a certain social media app and also tell them what possible threats that platform could be surrounded with. Your kids must know how to tackle difficult situations online. They should know how to respond to someone if they hear something unkind or inappropriate from them and when to move away from all of it altogether.

If your kids are able to understand what the internet, especially social media is all about and how different platforms works, including the dangers present on them, they will be more prepared to handle uncertain and difficult situations that may arise in the future.

Monitor Kids Digital Usage

You can keep your kids safe on the internet if you become an involved parent. You must monitor their digital usage to see what they are up to online. Never allow your kid to just randomly surf the web, use apps, and play games without checking them out for yourself first. You must know about every activity your kid does on the internet.

Beware of what sort of apps your kid is using all the time and ask them to show you how the apps work and what activity they do on them, without being too much intrusive. Remember, you need to keep things casual and conversational. You can also ask your kid to show you what sites they have visited by looking into their web browsing history and also take a look at all the YouTube videos they have browsed through.

If you are able to monitor their digital usage without making them uneasy, they are more likely to share their digital activity with you. This is how you can monitor their internet usage in a non-intrusive way. On the contrary, you can monitor their activity without them knowing by using various iPhone and Android spy apps.

Set Limits on Screen Time

Sometimes, your kids can go to a far extent when it comes to using digital devices. Neglecting other important chores, they spend every minute in front of the screens. To prevent your kids from spending too much time on their screens, it’s better to put some limits on screen time.

You can set some rules in the house such as no use of cellphones in the bedrooms or during meal times. On the other hand, you can also try to set aside one day a week that is completely “technology-free”, where you can enjoy one another’s company without getting constantly distracted by the digital devices.

With the right guidance and approach to using the internet safely and wisely, you can keep your kids safe from potential online dangers out there. Open and honest communication with your kids matters a lot so you should work on maintaining it besides monitoring their digital usage.




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