How to Boost Your Local Business with Citations – Building a Successful Local SEO Strategy

If you are in the process of building an online presence for your business, you’ve heard the importance of local listings. But what about the importance of citations in online directories?

Offering a citation is one of the easiest ways to get your business listed in online business directories. Citations are one of the most important aspects of your local search engine optimization strategy, but they might not seem like the most exciting thing to get to work on.

But there are a few reasons, other than the fact that citations are lucrative, that you should care about them as part of your SEO strategy.

·       Inserting backlinks

You can also obtain a backlink to your site from a trusted domain using online directories. In a day when backlinks still play a significant role in search results, it gives the legitimacy of your company if you have an exact link with the leading online business directory.

·       Utilizing Google My Business

Indicators in the Google My Business company page are among the main ranking elements in the google search. These indicators include customer feedback, photos, and the founder’s site. A phrase in the business name of the Google My Business page, alone might allow you to position yourself at least 1.5 places above.

If you are staying in Australia, you will find various Australian business directory. One of the better known is Bleen, a platform for consumers to find and connect with service providers and sellers. 

·       Niche directories

Many of the directories out there are rubbish and you might potentially affect your rankings. You should first search and evaluate directory quality. You should go for a directory that meets your category and has a good return on website traffic. 

The aim is to be listed in select high-quality specialized directories to boost your exposure and SEO. Consider your backlink in such directories to be similar to a link you may acquire in a blog post. It demonstrates your credibility and places your site before a specific viewer’s sight.

·       Search and verify

Check the top online business directories that feature your firm appropriately. You should look for the greatest online directories and check separately for each directory to check whether your company is listed. Fix the errors or claim the information provided in the directory. 

·       Consistent citation

The major SEO benefits of listing on online directories are that excellent online directory listings frequently appear in search engine result pages once a local business is googled for. You should always put the same contact info, name, and address wherever you list your business on the internet. 

Another way to boost SEO is to publish rich content. is an excellent online platform for publishing your business articles. You can post here any content you want to increase brand visibility. 


You should verify the online directories where you provide your business’s information. Every directory has a different quality. Don’t dismiss citation sites; instead, use them to get your company’s information out to the public. 

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