Simple Traits to Identify Good Rummy Players

There are many types of card games played in different parts of India. However, few games have acquired the popularity that rummy games have acquired. People in different parts of India play rummy differently. There are some common traits or characteristics that define good players in Indian Rummy Card Games. Here we have listed out these simple traits to identify good rummy players. Check it out and share if you have different views:

They Are Organised in their Approach

A good rummy player is bound to have a very organised approach towards the game. A person who is organised also is able to remember the cards and the moves better. A good player will know that arranging the cards in a proper fashion can speed up his thought process. That is why the first thing he will do when he receives the cards is to arrange the cards in a manner that is easy to recollect. He may place all cards that are to be disposed to one side of the hand. He may place joker cards to the other end of his hand. Since the cards that need to form sequences and sets need to be in his view all the time, he will place these cards at the centre of his hand. This arrangement is responsible for his quick thinking and strategic moves.

They Think and Plan A Few Moves in Advance

Thinking ahead of the times is a trait commonly found in all good rummy players. While the opponent decides which card to dispose, the player is already planning what to play next based on the cards in his hands. Keeping a few alternative moves in mind helps good players win their games without much effort.

They Know to Set Priorities in Life as well as in Rummy Games

Success does not come through efforts alone. Apart from efforts, the person also needs to have a direction in life. He needs to understand what to do first and what to do later. In Indian Rummy, making the life could be the first priority for all good rummy players. The definition of life varies in each rummy variation. In the 13 cards standard rummy game, life is one pure sequence and one real sequence. Till the life is formed, a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand.

They Know the Need to Reduce Points in their Hand

In all series rummy card games, not losing is just as significant as winning. This is because the winner is decided at the end of a series of card games and a consistent player has a higher chance of winning. A good player knows that in any series card game, higher the points, sooner the chance of being eliminated. That is why these players keep exchanging unwanted high point cards with low point cards. 

They Do Not Hesitate to Choose First/Second Drop

In a game of rummy, the player has the option to quit at the beginning of a round of rummy or anytime in the middle of the game. Players who are good at the game would choose to quit if they are sure the chances of winning in this particular round of rummy are very bleak.

In the Khelplay Rummy app, when a player quits rummy card game even before the first card is played, it is called first drop. When the player quits the game after playing some moves, it is regarded as second drop. Good players choose first drop or second drop rather than losing the round of rummy card game.

They Are Always Willing to Practice and Learn

If you wish to master any game, the first rule is to keep an open mind that is willing to explore. This is what all good players of rummy games possess. If they have just learnt a new variation of rummy card game, they will make the best use of their time by practising the game they just learnt. There are apps like Khelplay Rummy where you can choose to play with practice chips. This app allows you to hone your rummy gaming skills without choosing cash play options.

Failures Don’t Make Them Losers

Everyone undergoes failure at some point of time. The one thing that differentiates winners from losers is the way they deal with failures. A bad player or a loser person, in life or in rummy, will be too overwhelmed by one failure. He will never want to try the same game again. He will assume he is bound to lose in the game. This mental block prevents him from trying alternative strategies. It also clouds his thought process and causes him to stay stuck. All good rummy players are people who know how to move on and take life easily. One failure will only be a stepping stone and never a roadblock in the lives of such people.

Good Players are Eager to Share Their Wisdom

Like everything, wisdom also grows when you share it. Good players are always eager to share the rummy tips and strategies they learnt from their gaming experience. They will tell you how each move could impact your game. They may share stories about how they learnt certain strategic moves. They will also tell you to think out of the box and be an observant player. Good players possess sporting spirit.

How Khelplay Rummy Can Help You Be A Good Player?

Here are some simple ways in which Khelplay Rummy app can help you master your favourite card game:

  • The app provides you with enough opportunities to practice the game.
  • The app helps you play with new players so that you are exposed to new strategies.
  • You can make the best use of the free time at hand by practising rummy on the go on your smartphone.
  • You can also challenge friends for rummy tournaments and gain confidence in this popular card game.

Wait no more! Download Khelplay Rummy on your smartphone right now to open up all these avenues to enjoy rummy games online.

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