How to Bike with Newborns?

Being a parent means you’ve to spend a good part of your day with your baby. Teaching the newborn new things and sharing your favorite activities become a part of your daily life. That is why your baby has to accompany you everywhere you go especially if there is no one else to look after him/her. This includes your daily cycling routine as well. 

Riding a bike with a baby seems to be a very daunting task keeping in view all the possible safety concerns. Luckily for us, we have a good collection of cycling products that are specifically designed to help us bike with newborns. These products include:

  • Baby bike trailers
  • Front-mounted baby seat
  • Rear-mounted baby seat
  • Cargo seat

Of all the gadgets on the list, we shall cover the baby bike trailers that are deemed to be the safest and most convenient way to ride with your baby. This article will guide you on how to bike with newborns using a baby bike trailer so that you get to live and rejoice every moment with your beloved one.

  1. Ready the bike and trailer

Obviously, the first step would be to connect the baby bike trailer to your bike. This is done by bolting the trailer to either the seat post or rear triangle of your bike. Once done, make sure that any screw is not loose and give it a test ride. Remember, you’ll be riding with extra weight at your back and might have to cover hills or rough terrains. Therefore, be sure that the connection between the bike and trailer is secured and will withstand considerable force.

  1. Prepare the baby

By preparation, we mean harnessing the seat belts and using the helmet as safety comes first. Make sure that the baby is comfortable back there. A baby bike trailer is wide enough to provide you room for extra accessories as well. Thus, you can keep any food, drinks, toy, or diaper. Double-check the seat belt before leaving.

  1. Have a small start

To start with, have a small ride to get a better understanding of how to ride along with a baby bike trailer. Also, you can determine any adjustments that need to be done or anything else you’ve been missing out on. Get your baby excited for the journey ahead and let him adjust to his bike trailer. 

  1. Keep the baby engaged

The whole point of taking your baby out with you is to let him experience what you enjoy. It would be no fun if you keep on riding with your lips sealed as if it was a workout. Talk to your baby, point out the roadside flowers, and mention where we are going next. 

  1. Stay on your guard

Safety must always be your top priority. Therefore, avoid riding on busy roads without a flag post. Slow down on turns and try not to ride on rough terrains as it would compromise the comfort of the baby. Keep checking up on the baby to make sure he is doing fine.


Riding with your newborn can be a very enjoyable activity if done correctly. You get to show a new side of the world to your baby. Follow the above-mentioned tips for a safe and fun-packed journey.  

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