7 Natural cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in men, which stops them from remaining erect during intercourse. Any man can have impotence regardless of their age. Moreover, various reasons can be responsible for the condition. They may include physical causes like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases; psychological causes like anxiety, depression, or guilt; testosterone insufficiency, smoking, and alcohol consumption. However, erectile dysfunction treatment may include medicines, testosterone therapy, vacuum treatment, or surgical treatments.You can also go for natural ED treatments. Consult with the doctor for the same. Nevertheless, you can also consider the following ones-

  • Take adequate sleep

Poor sleep can result in a low level of testosterone in the male body. Therefore, if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, take around 7-8 hours of sleep.

If you are unable to sleep at a time or have sleep disorders, you can consult with the doctor for effective treatment. It can help in the treatment of sleep disorders and ultimately overcome ED.

  • Have a look at your medications

Certain medications can cause erectile dysfunction as their side effects. Antidepressants are one of them. Therefore, if you take medications for depression and facing ED, consult with the doctor. He may help deal with your condition.

  • Exercises

Exercises can help treat impotence. They can boost the testosterone level, improve sex drive, and enhance blood flow to the organ essential for maintaining an erection. Regular exercise is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments like Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Gokshura can treat erection problems. They increase the level of testosterone, bring strength during intercourse, and improve sperm motility. In addition, shilajit boosts the production of sperm and prevents infertility.

  • Quit smoking

Nicotine, the dominant component of tobacco, makes the blood vessels leading to the penis narrow. It creates a blood flow issue and results in causing erectile dysfunction. Moreover, smoking also impairs the nerve messages that are responsible for a strong erection. If you are undergoing the treatment of impotence, quit smoking.

It may be challenging; however, the results are worth the difficult journey you lead to.

  • Limit alcohol consumption

A small drink can get you in the mood. However, if you drink heavily, this may cause ED. Excessive consumption of alcohol can affect your central nervous system and cause various dysfunctions; impotence being one of them.

  • Take supportive diet

If you are undergoing ed treatments, take helpful foods to see successful results. You can consult with the doctor for such foodstuffs. However, you can also consider eating watermelon, tomato, cocoa, and coffee.

These are some of the natural treatments for ED. You can try them along with taking your prescription medications. For more queries, consult with the doctor.

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