Why Working From Home Has Been A Success?

Working from home has been a trend in which many of us office workers have been forced to work remotely because of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 to combat the spread of the virus. At first, there were many negative views towards working from home however having now spent nearly 12 months doing so, we believe that working from home has become a great success and below we look into why this has been.

One of the main benefits that we have seen for employees whilst working from home has been the money saving element that it has delivered. Due to working remotely, employees have saved money on commuting costs such as petrol, train fares and general wear and tear on their vehicles which they would be using when travelling to work. Whilst staying at home, they have been able to use this extra disposable income in any way they please whether that be more spending in the economy or even to just save money into their chosen ISA’s.

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Furthermore, in terms of business owners and the benefits from working from home is that they have been able to save on business rates like rent, electricity and water in which they would usually be having to spend whilst their employees were using their office. Not only this, but it has built a certain trust level between business owners and employees as the have been forced to work at home and haven’t been under supervision whilst working. This has ensured that bosses know which staff they can trust to ensure the work gets completed whilst working from home.

And finally, the best thing that has been about working from home is the improved work-life balance that we are now all receiving. Working remotely has ensured we have a more flexible schedule to work when we please as long as the work is getting completed then it doesn’t matter. Also because of the lack of commuting, employees are finding themselves having more time on their hand in the day, because the average commute to work is an hour, and so employees are using this time to do something productive like exercise, working on their diet, or even starting work early and finishing early.

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