Tourism Stay in Australia: the Essential Formalities

Do you want something new? Australia is an increasingly popular holiday destination which offers a huge variety of landscapes and a great wealth of amazing and unique fauna. To take full advantage of the travel, here is a small summary of all the steps to take before going for a tourism stay in Australia!

The Requested Documents for a Visa Australia

To be authorized to apply for a visa and enter Australian territory, you must first hold a valid passport. If this is not the case yet, notice that this very simple process is to be carried out at your town hall. For a comfortable departure, plan to make your request at least one month in advance, the average time to issue the passport is 3 weeks. At the town hall, you will simply be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Your national identity card
  • A photocopy of your birth certificate
  • Proof of address (water, electricity, gas or telephone bill)
  • 2 ID photos
  • The amount of the tax stamps

If you have kids and plan to travel with them, they will also need their own passport. The request is made in the same way for everyone, minors as adults for a tourism stay.

Tourism Stay: eVisitor or ETA Australia

To be able to enter the Australian land, you will absolutely need to apply for an eVisitor or an online ETA Australia or an eVisitor. If you opt for an eVisitor, know that it works for most people. To obtain it, you just need to make a free request on the internet, more precisely on the Australian Immigration Office website. Once you get this electronic travel document, it will allow you to enter and leave Australia at will for 12 months, as long as each of your stays does not last more than 3 months.

On the other hand, an ETA Australia (subclass 601) works like the eVisitor, but applying for it will cost you AU$20, or even more according to the authorized website you choose for your online ETA application. It is primarily a tourist visa for citizens of countries which are not eligible for the eVisitor. This electronic travel authorization is also valid for a year and allows you to stay in Australia 3 months per trip.

The Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is for long-term tourists and allows to stay up to 12 months in a row in Australia. It can also be requested directly from Australia if you want or have to extend your stay when you are already on site with an eVisitor or an ETA. It costs AU$145 if the request is made outside Australia, and AU$365 if the request is made in Australia.

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