Things You Need to Do Before Contacting Your Dry Cleaners


Will it be your first time to try dry cleaning services in Singapore? It may be your perfect option if you want to have your clothes ready in an instant. You no longer need to wait for several days before you can get and wear them. Hence, put them through express servicing if you need your corporate attire hours before your interview.

It is also essential to consider such if you want to preserve your pre-loved clothing and priceless wears. Many believe that it is also the best way of cleaning your old and worn-out clothes that you chose to keep due to their sentimental values. You only need to find a provider that offers safe procedures to maintain their worth and qualities.

But before you even get to work with professional dry cleaners in Singapore, there are several things you need to prepare. These include the following essential items and details you must check as soon as you decide to hire them. Follow this checklist and have a hassle-free transaction with them:


Begin by collecting clothes you wish to subject to dry cleaning services. Check your hampers and baskets for dirty clothes that need some professional washing. Do not forget about your cabinets and drawers as you may have wears that you may want to reuse once they are clean again. 

You should also check under your beds for any clothing item you may have been missing for a long time. Inspect them for any damages or flaws, then decide if you can still wear them. Throw them away if you have no plans to use them as you may only waste any amount of cash your dry cleaners will receive from you.


Once you have collected your clothes, group them according to their types and on the kinds of garments they use. They must be categorized accordingly to prevent any damage caused by your accidental mix-up. Some of your clothes might discolour and damage your other attires accidentally.

There are also laundry service shops in Singapore that require their customers to organize their clothes before they accept them. But how will you categorize them correctly? Here are some tips on how you can sort them appropriately:

  • Sort them based on their colours. Group your clothes that have the same shades to avoid mixing them. Choose to prioritize light-coloured wears as they are prone to such damages.
  • Separate your new clothes from old ones. Expert laundry cleaners may advise you to do this since most brand-new clothing items in the market today bleed on their first washing. Choose to wash them separately and prevent their discolouration.
  • Group them according to their fabric. You must consider the materials used on them and check if they are safe for some dry cleaning. Ensure that you sustain their quality by finding the right washing solution for them.
  • Do not forget about the care labels usually attached on the sleeves of your clothing. Review and understand the washing instructions detailed here. Be mindful that each attire may differ depending on the garments used on them. Inform your laundry cleaning experts about these information.


Consider consulting your immediate family members or peers on your plans of getting professional dry cleaning services in Singapore. They may know an establishment that offers such clothing assistance and servicing. You might also be surprised that it is also their go-to washing shop.

Ask them for their comments and feedback as these inputs will help you decide if they’re the right partner for you. Moreover, request them to give you several options of their most recommended laundry service providers. Inform them of your specific clothing needs for their easy suggestion and your convenient selection.


Always make it a habit to check on your available options before deciding. Choose from the recommendations you got from your kin and peers as they will only suggest the best for you. Hence, ask them questions based on their previous experiences with them.

You should also check online review sites if you still doubt their answers. Several blogs feature dry cleaning service providers in Singapore that are known for their topnotch washing offers and quality assistance. You can also find different customer testimonials on the websites of these featured businesses. Read through them and consider them as your essential deciding factors.

Aside from your go-to laundry and dry cleaning shop, you should also check on your clothes before sending them for some washing. You can make a list of their sizes, colours, or brands for your reference. Get a hand on it to ensure that you receive the right number and types of wears after their servicing. It is your only protection in case they misplace or damage your attires. 


Most importantly, call different laundry shops in Singapore and check if they offer dry cleaning services nearby. You must take in consideration the word “nearby” as it will be convenient for you if they are near your home. It would be best to do transactions with businesses that are only minutes away from you.

Hence, consider shops that offer home delivery services like The Laundry Club Pte Ltd for your added convenience. They can bring your clothes straight to your doorsteps as soon as they finish washing them. They also offer high-quality dry cleaning services that will ensure you with your safe and well-maintained clothes. Check their website now to schedule an appointment with them today!

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