Things to Consider While Moving from Florida To New York

It is always exciting and adventurous moving from Florida to New York. New York is a great place to live in. It offers a lot of scope for business and education. The city offers a wide range of opportunities and is rich in its culture. But moving is not always easy. You need to get accustomed to living an entirely new way of life.

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Tips for moving from Florida to New York

  • Knowledge about public transportation

The public transportation system is one of the best choices to move through the streets of New York. You have at least basic knowledge about the bus systems and subways so that it becomes easier for you to navigate. This way you did not have to face any kind of difficulties by driving on your own and getting frustrated. 

Make sure that you are aware of the days when subways are closed for repairs. This may lead to a delay in riding a train. Cabs are available at the stations which are closed. A lit sign on a cab represents that it is vacant. You even download some applications that can help you in moving around.

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  • Parks to roam around

There are a lot of parks in New York that you would love to roam around. If you are ever feeling bored or cramped, you can take advantage of these parks. They are well maintained and beautiful. 

Central Park is a special attraction. You can even visit other smaller parks like Riverside Park or Bryant Park. These are some of the decent places if you want to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Weather specific clothing

If you are moving from Florida to New York, do remember to carry some winter boots and mittens. It is obvious that while living in Florida, you may have gotten used to the heat and sunshine. You witness summer rain showers. 

But in New York, the winter is very cold as compared to Florida. You need to get ready to get used to its weather conditions. So, you must prepare well in advance and buy some clothes.

  • Living expenses

The cost of living is quite high in New York. Increased expenses are a result of high state sales tax. The prices of grocery shopping and even getting a haircut are increased significantly. The cost of weekly trips, doing laundry, or shopping keeps getting higher. So, it should not come as surprise to you that the New York real estate is expensive.


Keep all the above-mentioned points in mind while moving from Florida to New York so that you get adjusted to the new city easily. 

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