The New Fashion Trend – Make Your Own T-shirts

The concept to create a jacket on our is currently very prominent, and many youngsters are getting their hands on it.  

Step 1: Material: 

Choosing your material is considered one of the most crucial steps to make your shirt. Hence, it would help if you were also clear with the colors you want. Once both these baselines’ things are ready, then you can proceed further.

Step 2: The Layout: 

First, you will need to either find or make your template after making the concept in Illustrator, a computer program that allows you to draw and construct objects digitally. Then, make sure you put the paper in the printer and put it on the right side! Remember that when you feed paper through the printer, the side facing down at the start is the back, so when you turn the paper over, the picture will be on the side that is facing down.

Step 3: Examining the Past: 

After you have found or produced the picture you want to use to create a jacket, you will need to reflect it, so it appears in mirror shape. This implies that it must be practically backward. The explanation for this is that the T-Shirt transfer must be applied backward to appear normal to others as they look at it. It’s time to print it now that you’ve built it and loaded the paper into the printer.

Step 4: Putting the Design: 

You’ll need to cut across the page now that you’ve printed it. Instead of making a form as I did on my shirt, cut it as near as you can without removing something from the paper. This is because the shirt will feel like paper, glossy and shiny, and will not be the same color.

Step 5: Putting the Pattern on the Surface 

Finally, it’s time to move your idea of make your own shirt to reality. Before proceeding: 

  • Remember to peel off the backside of the paper.
  • Before beginning this stage, make sure the Press or Iron is hot.
  • Place the shirt on the surface you’ll be ironing on or on the given Press table if you’re using a press.
  • Place the design where you want it, and allow 60 seconds for the design to be completely imprinted on the T-Shirt.
  • Remove the piece of paper once you’ve done it, and your shirt will be ready!

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