Strip clubs are getting innovative

It is true what they say about necessity being the mother of all invention and that in order for businesses to survive they need to adapt to the changes happening around them. There has never been a more trying time for the economy and for businesses in the service industry than the last couple of months. We marked 12 months of the Covid-19 being declared a global pandemic in march but a lot of businesses did not survive. There were more casualties in the adult entertainment sector than any other industry. The hardest hit would hands down be the strip club.

Lockdown has been lifted and restrictions eased but for strippers, this has offered little relief. Many clubs have been shut down whilst others are precariously on the verge of closure. In the next couple of months or even weeks an internet search for strip club near me will offer less results than ever before. Strip clubs that will make it through this are those that will be able to change how they operate and adapt quickly to the new status quo.

There are a couple of clubs that have been playing around with other concepts like, strip clubs on wheels. This might not be that much of a novel idea but it is an idea that is catching fire in a lot of places. There were clubs that offered dancers on call and performers who offered house calls, particularly for bachelorette and bucks parties before now this service is being virtually offered by most people in the industry.

For example, a strip club could acquire a custom-fitted “party bus” that customers can hire out for a couple of hours. This might accommodate up to 6 people including the dancers. It’s exclusive, it’s mobile so you can be picked up at home or your hotel and whilst, the bus drives around you get to sit back in comfort and luxury and enjoy the show. It is an intimate experience, like a champagne room on wheels.  That’s one way your local business can sustain itself and keep going.

Other “strip club near me” ideas that have been floated around include drive-thru strip clubs. The way this works is that dancers entertain clients while they remain seated in their cars. To be successful in this industry as a strip club owner or as a performer, you have to be creative.

Truth be told, there is the misconception about why people visit strip clubs. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with naked women dancing but it is about the atmosphere that is created. There is no moral arbiter on strip clubs. You leave your inhibitions at the door and you get a little bit more comfortable in your skin because no one is sizing you up or judging you, everyone who is there came to have a good time and nothing more. This is the kind of freedom you don’t get in other establishments. If you have to wait in line for a chance to get inside a venue then you will wait and by the end of the night it will all have been worth it but it is good to know that there are options like mobile strip clubs.

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