Running with Steroids:  an opportunity to bring the body into shape in the shortest possible time

Without an understanding of the basics of losing weight, even the best running programs will be useless.

The main rule of losing weight says: calorie expenditure should exceed receipt. The greater the difference between spending and receiving, the more the weight changes in one direction or another. In this case, the daily calorie intake is different for everyone.

Example: Masha weighs 65 kilograms, the daily calorie intake is 2300 units. On average, a girl eats so much. Plus or minus 100 calories within a week or a month do not matter. This weight holds for 2-3 years. To get off the ground, Masha needs:

  • Increase calorie intake. With a norm of 2300, consume 2500-2700 units. The norm will begin to shift upward, as will Masha’s weight. Gradually, the girl will gain weight.
  • Reduce calorie intake. Instead of 2300, consume 2000 calories. With the help of a diet cut, Masha will begin to lose weight.

Increase calorie intake to maintain current weight. Increase energy expenditure – start running. With the consumption of the same 2,300 calories, Masha begins to spend 2,600 units. The metabolism is accelerated, the process of bringing the muscles to tone is activated, the hormonal system works in a new way. Due to the launch of these processes, expenditures are no longer 2600, but 2800 units.

There are 2 ways to lose weight:

Eat less. Reduce calorie intake while maintaining previous spending.

Train. Increase calorie expenditure through physical activity.

Both ways are effective. The best option is to combine diet control with training. If you started training, there is no need for significant nutritional restrictions. There is no need for hunger strikes. But running will be more effective if the athlete selects a balanced, proper diet.

For weight loss, we must change the balance of receiving-spending calories in a deficit direction! This is the essence of losing weight, without understanding which nothing works.

Running for weight loss. What does he look like?

There are different types of running, the use of which gives different results when losing weight. Most beginners, having heard “running for weight loss”, imagine getting up at 5 in the morning and jogging around the house. With the help of such a “system” it is possible to lose weight, but there is no understanding of the essence of training, there is no buzz from the fact that you did something important, you are one step closer to achieving the goal. There is no system that allows you to lose weight at the fastest pace. That is why 90% of those who want to lose weight quit running in the first 2-3 weeks of training.

Running for weight loss should:

To burn calories. Increase energy expenditure. Without this, it is impossible to lose weight.

To produce hormones that help you lose weight. The effect of delayed fat burning (when fat “burns” for 12-72 hours after training) is achievable outside the gym. It is based on the release of hormones that promote fat burning.

Lead to the desire to continue to train, develop, grow up the ladder of life. We admit to ourselves: being overweight is a problem of people who have not received something in life. We have talents that we were not able to reveal, unfulfilled desires that lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction with life. This feeling is smoothed out due to the hormones of pleasure that a person receives while eating. Food replaces more important methods of implementation, it becomes our drug. We live from breakfast to lunch, from lunch to dinner. Because we can’t realize ourselves. And the one who cannot realize himself to a greater extent, is gaining more excess weight. We get addicted to a “food drug”, we become less hungry to achieve other life goals, except for Steroids in USA. This vicious circle can only be broken by the introduction of another system of values ??- self-development, a full, happy life without addictions. Running should not turn your new life into a nightmare. It should not be an unnecessarily difficult test. We begin to train gradually to enjoy not only the result, but also the training process.

Contribute to improving the appearance of the athlete. By accelerating metabolism, improving lymph flow, stabilizing the water-salt balance.

Running for weight loss is a system that changes your life.

To implement the above goals, we select the following types of running:

Running at an easy pace. Low intensity jogging. It can be performed in the morning, evening or in any part of the day. It does not require significant energy costs. Effective due to burning calories, speeding up metabolism, normalizing the lymphatic system, improving the water-salt balance.

Sprint run. Running 50, 100, 200 meters at maximum speed. This is an anaerobic (power) style of running that effectively tones the muscles of the whole body. When using sprinting, it is important to look at the reflection in the mirror, and not at the scales. Due to the increase in muscle volume at the beginning of training, the weight may not change significantly, but changes in appearance will tell you that you are on the right track. Sprinting is effective due to the release of special hormones into the blood, which lead to the effect of delayed fat burning. This is an alternative to the gym for men and women who want to lose weight. Sprinting also burns calories, but due to the inability to run sprints for a long time without running at an easy pace, the result will be minimal.

Interval run. Alternate running at a fast pace with easy jogging or brisk walking. Example: an athlete runs at a fast pace for a minute. The next 3 minutes are jogging or walking. Effective by combining the effects of previous types of running.

The ideal running workout for weight loss is:

  • Running at an easy pace.
  • Sprint run.
  • Interval run.

We recommend to get a rope. Desirable – a high-speed rope, with which you can burn more calories. The combination of running with a skipping rope is the most effective, least stressful and costly way to lose weight.

Running for weight loss. Running gear

Proper equipment can speed up your weight loss. In order to start jogging, to lose weight at a fast pace, it is enough:

Theoretical knowledge of what is running for weight loss. You get this knowledge right now.

Desires to change your life. To increase the desire to play sports, to create yourself in a new way, we recommend that you read the motivation section on the website.

Do not look for excuses, do not spare yourself. If you can’t start losing weight, this is only your fault. You have theoretical knowledge, there is everything to start training. It is only a matter of desire.

In the process of training, you can decide to accelerate progress. It is not difficult to do this – it is enough to buy inexpensive equipment for running, which accelerates weight loss.

The best running gear is:

Lightweight running shoes. In which I want to run. Use sneakers that are designed specifically for jogging. They allow you to get the most out of your workouts.

Weighting. Load the muscles, increase energy expenditures. Running with weights burns more calories than a regular run. Weighting agents not only help burn fat, but also contribute to a set of muscle mass.

Heart rate monitors are an opportunity to carry out training in the right pulse range, to get an indicator of your fatigue. The right run for weight loss is a run at an easy pace with a pulse of 110-140 beats per minute. If during a “light run” the pulse rises to 180 beats per minute – this is a sign that for the body this “light run” is akin to climbing the final mountain de Tour de Ski for a skier.

Fitness bracelets are a great helper for anyone who wants to lose weight or transform their body through muscle growth. A fitness Masteron is your personal “sports nanny” that monitors your heart rate during training, acts as a pedometer, counts calories and wakes you up at the most favorable time for health.

Training mask – develops the cardiovascular system, increases endurance, increases energy expenditure, which leads to accelerated fat burning. A training mask is needed for athletes who crave not just to lose weight, but to build the body of their dreams with the help of running and physical activity.

Skipping rope is an addition to running training. Work with a skipping rope is both an addition and a replacement for running training. Example: there is a downpour on the street, you cannot go for the usual run. There will be no other time during the day. We take the rope, move the furniture (if there is no free space) and train at home. The rope is not inferior in effectiveness to jogging when it comes to losing weight.

Loops for home training – the ability to combine aerobic training with strength training. Training with loops at home is an opportunity to make your weight loss run more effective, as well as improve your appearance by “swapping” individual muscle groups.

  • Comfortable clothing – high-quality clothing that performs its seasonal functions, does not rub, has an attractive appearance – all this is important to achieve the result.
  • Special simulators – simulators that are designed to improve performance in running, can accelerate progress and add a variety of sensations to the athlete’s training process.
  • Slimming for women. Differences in Women’s and Men’s Training

Running for weight loss has its own differences when we talk about male and female training:

In women’s training, less power and more aerobic exercise. Girls who want to lose weight should also use strength training, but the proportion will be different. Example: a man spends 60% of his energy in aerobic training and 40% in power. The girl spends 85% of energy on aerobic training and 15% on power.

Training for women should potentially be longer than for men. This is due to the peculiarities of the female body, which is more adapted to long-term, but weak stress, than to a short-term load with exorbitant intensity. A woman is easier to cope with low-intensity, long workouts. She gets more benefit from them than a man. A strong half of humanity should follow the path of increasing the intensity, but not the duration of the training. Example: after a year of training, a woman can work on herself for 90-120 minutes and not experience discomfort from such a training duration. 60-90 minutes are enough for a man. Better – 60.

Women need to start with less stress. Girls are adapted for long, low-intensity training only in potential. The average girl in the first training session is much inferior to the average man. The ability that nature has given girls needs to be developed.

Girls progress more slowly than men. Below you will see running programs that allow you to build your dream figure from scratch. If you get carried away and start to “close” the programs one by one in the hope of rapid progress, you can get overtrained. Men go from one program to another once in 1-4 training cycles. Women – once in 1-7 cycles. The speed of progress depends more on age, health and quality of life, but on average, girls will progress more slowly than men. And this is normal. There is no need to take too much load in an attempt to prove something to someone. In training, there is only you and your tasks.

Running for weight loss. Training programs

These schemes allow you to go from a novice to an owner of your dream figure even to those men and women who have never encountered physical activity outside of school physical education lessons.

The first programs may seem too simple to you. They are necessary to prepare the body and nervous system for real work on oneself.

Running for weight loss. Program No. 1

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 2 minutes

Running for weight loss. Program No. 2

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 4 minutes

Running for weight loss. Program No. 3

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 6 minutes

Running for weight loss. Program No. 4

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 8 minutes

Running for weight loss. Program No. 5

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 10 minutes

Running for weight loss. Program No. 6

  • Exercise
  • Duration
  • Easy pace
  • 12 minutes

The preparatory period is over. We complicate the training.

Running for weight loss. Program number 7

  • Exercise
  • The approaches
  • Duration
  • Rest between sets in minutes
  • Rest after exercise in minutes
  • Easy pace

We continue to smoothly increase the load in the running part of the training. Do not train too often. If the whole body hurts, but the psyche resists the gag reflex in response to the thought of training, give yourself a break. The optimal frequency of training is 3-4 times a week.

In the power unit, we increase the load like this: we add one approach to each exercise every 1-4 workouts. Add 3-5 approaches, after which we change the tape to the one with high resistance. The number of approaches returns to the initial value. We are again building up approaches, reaching the values ??at which the loop will seem too elastic, and changing the simulator again. Continue until satisfied with the result.

These are programs for women. Men can also use them, but the effectiveness will be slightly less.

Do not hurry. The body should gradually get used to the stress. Otherwise, excessive stress will force even the most volitional athlete to take a break or abandon training.

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