How to Win Connect 4 at every Turn?

Since its creation in 1974 by Hasbro, Connect 4 has been the playground for millions of family games or with friends. If the famous board game that rocked our youth is above all based on luck, there is a video uploaded that reveals how to win every time.

What is Connect 4?

It is one of the most popular board games. Thus, everyone knows Connect 4 because everyone has played this board game at least once in their life! Created in 1974, this timeless product is still one of the best sales in many countries at the present time. It is adapted to all members of the family. Fun game for children, even for adults will find fun! Connect Four is a staple of puzzle and strategy games. Therefore, it would undoubtedly be on the podium for a presentation of the most famous board games. It has also been able to renew itself and different versions now exist. 

The aim of the game Connect 4 is to line up four tokens on a grid with 6 rows and 7 columns. Each player plays alternately by dropping one of their tokens from the top of one of the columns. That token therefore fills the lowest unoccupied square in the column. Traditionally, it is played on a board with tokens of two different colors but now, it is possible to find an online connect 4 game.

How to Win Connect 4?

The website of which we spoke at the start tries to have fun with math by approaching numbers in a fun aspect, was interested in one of the most famous board games. In a video uploaded a few years ago, we can learn that there are 4,000 billion ways to fill a Power 4 grid. Of this infinity of combinations, just under 2,000 billion allow you to win. Interesting, isn’t it?

But things become really more interesting when an expert surnamed Numberphile has revealed THE way to win every time. To be sure of winning Connect 4 for sure, it would suffice to start by sliding the first disc in the middle column. Too simple, do you think? It is still necessary that the two players play perfectly, specifies the video. At best, you will beat your opponent flatly. At worst, the latter will hold 41 shots before realizing that he is trapped. But hurry: the trick has already been viewed millions of times but if you are lucky enough, may be your opponent did not see it does not remember it.

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