How To Keep You Safe When Using Multi Plugs

As a common device used in homes and offices, multi plugs dont seem so dangerous that you have to take some extreme precautions. However, the fact that 50 people out there are killed in home fire accidents caused by powerstrips, according to ESFI, might change your mind. Your need of using a number of electric devices plugged at the same time should make you more aware of how to use a multi plug safely. Here are some tips to always keep in mind for keeping your family safe from fire.

Learn the Power of Your Electric Devices

Before plugging in any electric devices to your multi plugs, ensure they will not make it straining with too much power. Normally multi plugs are used for small electric devices such as hairdryer, laptops, phone chargers, TV and other devices that dont lead to continous high power. Check out multiplugsrilanka.com or bestbargains.lk for some great bargain offers on multi plugs, extension cords and other related accessories – prices are comparitively low in comparison to hardware stores in Sri Lanka.

Check the Number of Watt of Your Multi Plug

Everytime you are buying a new multi plug check the number of how much power it can handle first. It will give you an image of what electric devices should be plugged in. Overloading powestrip can lead to small flames and end up in home fires. The limit of a multi plug product is usually informed in the package with the capital letter ‘W’ meaning watt after number such as 1700W.

This power limit information means that you should not load your multi plugs with devices that consume more than 1700 watt. Avoid using bigger devices that lead to continous power consumption in a powerstrip such as dehumidifier. If you are in need of plugging some devices into one powerstrip at the same time, then consider only plugging the smaller ones.

Load Your House with Security Devices

Altough some prevention has been taken into action, a fire doesnt always caused by an overload powerstrip. It is recommended to have a security device such as a smoke detector to help you find out even the smallest flame sparkling inside the house. You can protect your house safe from fire even when you are not around because you surely cant keep an eye on it all the time.

A smoke detector is useful especially for detecting the hard-to-recognize sparks from a powerstrip that people are mostly not aware. Combine it with other security devices will ease you seeking help from the police.

Last but not least is to remember to not just chaining the extension cord of your multi plugs on the floor. Besides being a view distraction to your home decoration, the hazard caused by this poor habit could be a nightmare.

The quality of the extension cords’ wire in powerstrip is usually lower than the ones used in the walls. They can be easily burned into flames when you strain the powerstrip with too much power. Also, the amount of flowing electricity delivered through the wire can be lower than it is supposed to be when the cords are chaining. So, the posibility of small flames bursting out from the cords when the multi plugs overloaded with big devices is much higher. That is why chaining extension cords should never be acquaired as a usual thing.

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