How to detect water leaks

Water leaks are a major concern for many people due to the extent of damage to buildings from these leaks.

There are many people who fear water leaks for their homes and do not know if there are water leaks in their homes or not. What are water leaks??

 And what are its types?? What are its causes??

 And the damages resulting from their occurrence. What are the ways by which we can know whether there is a water leak in the house, through which in principle, before calling a water leak detection company??

 How do you choose between companies and companies’ specifications that will help in the work of detecting water leaks and maintenance work??

What is the isolation work?? What is its importance to prevent the dangers of water leaks??

What are water leaks??

Water leaks are all that happens to water connections, whether in drain pipes and elbows or in water pipes in all its parts such as faucets, heaters, tanks, and other faults, fractures, or damage that results in the water going out of its path from inside the pipes to outside, and at this time the water begins to accumulate in the existing places About leakage if you do not find a way out, such as leaks that occur in pipes in floors or walls, which leads to the walls and floors absorbing them and interacting with building materials and iron and leads to iron erosion and concrete deterioration, and consequently, problems increase as the time increases and the leak is not treated.

What are the types of water leaks?

  • Visible leaks: They are water leaks that occur in prominent or external connections (outside walls and floors) that can be seen with the naked eye, for examples, such as those that occur in faucets or external connections to heaters or overhead tanks, and these leaks are easy to deal with and repair and most importantly, they are easily detected and not Causes great damage caused by hidden or magical leaks.
  • Hidden or magic leaks: They are water leaks that occur in water connections and internal pipes, which are buried inside walls and floors, which differ greatly from the leaks that appear in that they are not easily discovered except through the results that appear on the place surrounding the leak of deformations, cracks and discolored spots The effect of water that appears on the place where the leak is located and the accompanying damage resulting from the interaction of water with building materials, concrete, and iron. This type of leak represents a great danger to the safety of the home in addition to the sums that will be spent in order to detect and repair water leaks.

What are the causes of water leaks?

  • There are wrong habits that some people open and close taps and cocks in a way that may lead to damage to these valves and faucets and leakage of water from them.
  • In the ground floors, slight subsidence of the ground may occur, but it may lead to an increase in the load on the drainage pipes or the water in the ground, which leads to its breakage and leakage.
  • Some people install water pipes that are used in the cold line instead of thermal pipes that are installed in hotlines, which leads to damage due to their intolerance to high water temperature.
  • When installing and connecting water lines and drainage lines from the beginning, please make sure of the quality of the materials used in the pipes and take care that they are not of poor quality so as not to be damaged quickly and thus water leaks occur.
  • An element of technical competence must be available to the person who installs water connections or drainage connections because this will help in fading out many problems that result from a lack of experience and efficiency in installation.
  • When installing tiles or ceramics, please make sure of the quality of the seams between the ceramics because the person who installs, if he does not have experience in implementing those seams, will lead to a lot of water leaking into the ceiling and he must make sure that it does not leak water and also make sure that all The insulation operations were carried out without errors in order to protect the ceilings and floors from any leaks that may occur.
  • In the event that there are external pipes exposed to the sun, the sun’s rays must be shielded from them and thermally insulated so that they do not damage and lead to leaks in the future.

What are the damages of water leaks?

  • Water leaks may cause a lot of damage and negatively affect the safety of the home.
  • Cracks and deformations occur in paints as a result of their interaction with the leaking water.
  • The significant and noticeable increase in water bills as a result of leaked, wasted and unused water.
  • The chemical reaction that occurs in the event of water penetration inside concrete walls and ceilings and its interaction with iron, which leads to corrosion and negatively affects the integrity of the home infrastructure.
  • In the event that the joints between the ceramics are not good, water seeps into the ceilings under the ceramics and causes the ceramic to come out of its place.
  • If the leak occurs next to one of the electrical wires or one of the electrical connections, it causes a lot of problems with the electricity in the house, which may harm one of the members of the house.
  • In the event of leakage and repair, a lot of money is spent on maintenance and repairs, which increases the longer the leak is repaired.

What are the ways to avoid water leaks?

  • It is imperative to make sure that all public traps that supply the house with water are closed in case of not staying in the house for periods of more than 12 hours.
  • In some devices that use water, such as heaters and coolers, water is separated from it if it is not used for long periods.
  • Any case of damage, fractures, or any defect in the water and sewage networks must be disposed of and dealt with quickly so as not to cause more damage and out of control.
  • Doing periodic checks and detecting water leaks periodically to ensure the safety of the house from problems with water leaks.

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