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Along with experience and opportunities, lawyers must have a certain degree of intellect and motivation. But the fact is maybe the qualities that turn a decent lawyer into a great lawyer are not the ones you expect. Here are characteristics that make a lawyer stand above the rest, or any person – qualities that lawyer singapore portray. Cultivating these characteristics offers the chance to grasp the problems better and deliver practical solutions.

Exhibits compassion

Compassion is an emotional reaction whereby one perceives the problem of another and wants to help solve the problem authentically. This is a vital aspect of what lawyers do: people come to them with their concerns or to prevent potential problems, and they help fix the issues, whatever the case might be, or avoid them. You do not think that compassion is vital to your profession if you practice business law, tax law, or in any field that is not primarily emotional.


The compassionate lawyer reflects on how others feel and accepts their viewpoint. Compassion is the pillar of the skills of good people. You can not comprehend the role of your opponent without compassion, foresee what she will do, and take pre-emptive action to help your client. You can not have the right options without it.

Capability of listening

Strong legal representation requires practical communication skills. Listening to your speaker is among the essential aspects of communication. Attorneys must listen to their clients. Listen to their rivals, their superiors, and the judges. As lawyers, they must take in much information, interpret and synthesize it, and exercise good judgment to provide advice to their clients – all of this begins by listening.


To find real solutions to the challenges their customers face, lawyers need to be innovative. Each matter is unique; each consumer must be treated differently and carefully crafted for each solution. While lawyers are a very risk-averse group, on the whole, they have to learn to think outside of the box. To discuss and situation with compassionate listening is the best way to develop creative ideas, which helps them to understand better the challenges and what the client and the opponent need. The level of comprehension will lead to long-lasting solutions that work for all stakeholders. Stalemates also occur when opposing counsel fails to deal with compassionate listening to the matter and becomes overly offensive instead.

Has consistent analysis skills

Similarly, it is vital to be able to study quickly and efficiently to understand your clients, their requirements, and to plan legal strategies. It involves absorbing and understanding vast volumes of data to prepare traditional methods, then distilling them into something manageable and useful.

Has the ability to connect with individuals

Law is not an abstract procedure. Regardless of how well anyone does academically, lawyers deal for individuals, on behalf of individuals at the end of the day, and the decisions that are taken affect the lives of people. They must be sympathetic, compelling, and willing to read others. This helps them to evaluate the responses of jurors and the sincerity of witnesses. This allows them to settle on the best way to achieve the desired result: either consumers taking their advice or compromising favorably with the opposition.

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