Steel metal shelves are robust, space-efficient, and an ideal shelving solution when it comes to warehouses. The fact that metal shelves can create a lot of space vertically without frailing is why a lot of industries invest in them.

Below are the benefits that metal shelving will offer you hence proving valuable to your company’s storage system.


Despite the size, length or weight of your warehouse products, steel metal shelves are strong enough to withstand. They are customizable through cross-bracing and adding centre supports to handle your weight requirements. 

Steel metal shelves are the ideal solution if you want a robust storage system Malaysia for both vast and delicate products.


There is no other shelving system that beats the durability that metal shelves offer. They can last incredibly longer than you would expect. However, metal shelving will withstand the dents of industrial cranes or hoisting machines when the finishing is perfect to avoid rusting.

A well-finished metal will withstand temperature extremities such as colds and wetness. A galvanized or a painted finish is advisable when looking for metal shelving as both will work well in shielding oxidation. Although painted finishes are more aesthetically attractive, it would be best if you asked your supplier which is more suitable.

Assembling is easy

While metal shelving comes in pieces for assembly, the assembly or installation process is easy thanks to Eonmetall Group. Installers are capable of installing the shelves in a considerable amount of time depending on your warehouse space. If you have ordered for boltless riveting, assembling is even easier.


A designer takes the measurements of your warehouse or space to customize the metal heights and length. Metal shelve systems are available in many designs, weight, styles and colour. You can choose whichever depending on your preference and products weight.

Whether you want shelve inserts or dividers, metal shelves are customizable with only minimal accessories.


Workers need to access items from time to time in managing orders and supplies. Metal shelving allows you easy product visualization and access.

Inventory becomes more comfortable because the boxes are visible, dented, or damaged products are easily identifiable and misplaced products are easily searchable. It translates to more work efficiency and saves time, thus growing your sales.


When you compare metal shelving to any other shelving solution, metal shelving will offer you value for your money. Cheap is expensive. Other shelving solutions may be cheap, but they may not be durable. 

Quality steel metal shelving, on the other hand, offers you a long-lasting solution to your storage problems as long as it has the right finish to prevent oxidation.


Metal shelves will give you space in any area no matter how small it is. The installer can fix shelves vertically or sideways and various levels to provide you with the space you want. It allows you to store more items than you would have expected.

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