Great Popularity of the Morganite Rings

Morganite gemstone is known primarily as a beautiful pastel stone. Morganite is a Beryl containing manganese, iron, nickel and copper. Different amounts of these metals can color Morganite stones in pale pink, orange, green, blue, pink, white or yellow there are really many beautiful shades. Untreated Morganite often has a strong orange color component that creates a salmon color.

Morganite can be heat treated to change color. The effect is often to change the orange-pink color to a purer pink. The treatment is routine. Morganite is a very attractive gemstone. The sweet pastel colors, good hardness, durability and shine make Morganite gemstones suitable for daily use in rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. In fact you can consider buying Morganite Rings in every possible quality.

Morganite in Crystal Therapy

Morganite is valued as a healing crystal because of its ability to attract the loving spiritual energies that surround us. Morganite makes us more open to positive emotions and stronger to resist the entire negative.

Morganite activates, cleanses and stimulates the heart chakra. The stone brings love, activates loving thoughts and actions, and promotes patience for life. Morganite is a powerful healing stone that is said to have a very beneficial impact on the hormone or immune system and the heart. The safest way to clean Morganite is with a soft brush and lukewarm soapy water. Morganite is a relatively hard gem; therefore it requires minimal care from the user.

In total, there are several minerals that are varieties of beryl and are stones of the 1st order precious aquamarines, emeralds and heliodors. But besides them, there is another gem whose beauty knows no bounds and who is in demand among jewelers it is morganite also known as sparrow. It consists of lithium, cesium and manganese and has a very attractive light blue hue.

Historical background of Morganite

Morganite gained its fame relatively recently in the early 20th century. Its name was officially given to the pearl in 1911 in honor of the famous banker and philanthropist from the United States of America, whose name was John Morgan.

As for the Russian Federation, the mineral is named in its own way, namely “sparrow” in honor of the talented geologist and scientist V. Vorobiev. Also in the last century, they tried to combine both names into one, calling the Morgan’s “pink emerald,” but it failed because the new name did not hold. Unusual varieties of Morganites are held in many collections of world museums. For example, in the museum in the city of Toronto (in Canada) is stored the most massive morganite that was cut. It has a mass of 1625 carats.

And the place of “dwelling” of a very beautiful stone, whose mass is approx. 600 carats, is the State Hermitage Museum. In the New York Museum you can find a morganite figure of a woman with the parameters six by eleven inches.

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Variations and properties of mineral

For morganite, as well as for any beryl, transparency is characteristic. And the stone gets its color because of the impurities it contains. It is the amount of content in the composition of various elements that determines the degree of color intensity of morganite. Today, this mineral began to belong to a group of gemstones.

Jewelers resembled pearl for its light cut, which is evoked by a high degree of hardness in the stone. Morganite also has an incomplete cleavage, making it impossible to split it. But without cutting, the mineral does not have the desired shape.

Under natural conditions, morganite usually has various impurities, cracks and heterogeneous inclusions. On transparent stones there are usually no defects. It is impossible to perform color correction of morganite because the stone retains radioactivity due to the presence of a particular element of cesium in its composition.

Morganite is characterized by external attractiveness and has high demand, but there is one thing that should be given increased attention. Do not be afraid of light colored and small crystals because they do not contain radioactive cesium, which means that they do not pose any harm to human health. But the more saturated the mineral color is, the higher the percentage of cesium in them. Therefore, it is safe to wear jewelry with such morganites only on the hands and feet, but the neck area of ​​the thyroid gland, chest, mole and lymph nodes are forbidden to wear.

The first stones of a rich pink color were found in California. Today, the following countries are actively supplying them to the world jewelry market: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Zimbabwe, and People’s Republic of China, Namibia, as well as Africa, Afghanistan, Elba and Ural. All morganite deposits are united by a characteristic feature sodium, rubidium, manganese and cesium, which are part of the pearl, are present in elevated concentrations.

In the main part of nature there are pink morganites, their color is provided by the compounds of cesium, lithium and manganese. But the stone has a large number of different color variations then there are pink, purple and even pale violet minerals. The most valuable are peach-mouthed morganites.

Morganites Healing Power

This type of beryl along with all other types of beryl will help to remove back pain successfully clearing arthritis, rheumatism and any spinal pathology. The stone will act as a reliable prevention of colds; it also relieves sore throat and urogenital disorders.

By using ornaments with morganites you can improve your digestion, normalize the heart rhythm eliminate arrhythmia and also heal the nervous system get rid of stress and its negative effects.

The healing properties of the stone are fully manifested in the fair sex: the pearl helps to eliminate almost all gynecological pathologies, and for this purposes it is recommended to apply or wear it in the abdomen or on the back.

Men, thanks to the morganite, will normalize muscular metabolism, as well as save themselves from cramps and muscle stiffening. Healers are convinced that the pearl has a cleansing effect on the state of a person’s energy shell, activates mental activity and protects against depression.

Magic Help Mineral

Buddhist priests believe that morganite is of harmless origin, and in its six-sided crystals are kept mysterious information about the arrangement of the universe. They assured that, due to energy, stone is able to cure its owner from almost every disease. It has such a powerful vital energy that it easily removes anything negative, fills the diseased organ with healing power and heals it.

The stone protects the home from any negative. It will make both partners more faithful, loyal to each other and increase their mutual understanding. It will help return false sentiment to the families who are on the verge of divorce.

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