Gemstone Engagement Rings – Take Your Pick Today

There are so many different kinds of gemstones that you will be spoilt for choice. The gemstone market is going great guns. One of the best places to source your stones is from Alexander Sparks. Firstly, let’s answer a few questions related to gemstones.

What Is A Gemstone?

A gemstone is nothing but a piece of the mineral. It is cut and polished and then set in jewelry. Some are even worn as neckpieces, without any metal setting. Moreover, they may be precious or semi-precious in nature. There are certain rocks that adorn the body but are not minerals. Moreover, you can take the example of Lapis. The gemstones are considered valuable or more, depending upon its rarity. There are some minerals that are available in abundance. These are low in cost. One of the top makers are retailing numerous pieces of gems stones. They are Aquamarine, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine and Morganite to name a few. Moreover, the engagement and wedding market is undergoing lots of changes today. So, people are buying other gemstones, that you probably did not hear off. Moissanite is another gemstone that is stealing hearts today.

Best Gemstones for Engagement

You can zero in on some of the best gemstones for engagement today. Diamond was always there are will be there. The cost of diamonds is really bothersome for some people. So, people have started looking for other alternatives that inlcude rubies, sapphires, pearls, aquamarines, and the new age Moissanite. Another new entrant in the market is Morganite. There are so many different kinds of alternatives to diamond today. You can blame it on the cost factor, and that is exactly what is pushing buyers towards cheaper alternatives. However, before you blindly follow the trend and end up buying anything, read about the qualities of each.


If you happen to visit the Alexander Sparks store, you will be able to find out more. You will come across this gemstone called Aquamarine. Moreover, it is a favorite of many engagement stone seekers. It is a unique bluish-green color. There are various shades of Aquamarine, which may even confuse the wearer. It rates high on the Mohs scale. So, you can call them hardy gemstones. It is a gem that lasts an entire lifetime. It is an extremely durable gemstone that you can wear at all times of the day. It has the qualities of depth, luster and shine. Moreover, it is a very string gem. It is a stunning and colorful alternative to white diamonds. Some of the stones also exude a yellowish hue. There are some bluish aquamarine stones that are heat treated. That is quite a variety, isn’t it?


Citrine stones are not only known to enhance wealth and love. It has been a long time fashion to gift citrine rings for anniversaries. Now, citrine gems are not thought off as money gems but also love gems. Today, it is a great option as an engagement stone. It comes in various colors like canary yellow, lemony yellow, and many more hues. It is a November stone, Therefore, if your bride or groom happens to be November born, it is lucky. White citrine is also available in the market, but most are inclined to buy the yellow variety. When you’re ready to tie the knot, say ‘yes,’ and buy a wedding band, an eternity-style citrine wedding ring should do the trick.


This is another gemstone, that is worth a try. Peridot Engagement rings are quite popular today. They have a distinct light hue and are more popular as alternatives to emeralds. Moreover, this gem stone is found throughout the fraternity. So, you don’t really need to pay a very high price for it. The ones found in Hawaii, Germany, and Mexico are far better in alternative. The gemstone is associated with various cultures, worldwide. The stone is said to have many mystic properties.

Peridot engagement rings are popular all over the world today. It is suitable for vintage, art and deco styles. The prong settings are especially popular. But the bezel cuts are also very fast selling from the counters. They suit figural accents more. Leafy patterns are quite common today. The stone pairs well with diamonds and pearls. So, you will not find them as solitaires. It is but a soft gem, which you need to take ample care OF. Therefore, it is not suitable for activities that involve wear and tear. So, you have to keep that in mind while purchasing Peridot.


This is another stone that has got a lot of fame lately. So, you may have seen them as earrings and rings. Yes, Morganite rings are worn by new couple on engagement. They are gaining a lot of popularity over pink diamond. It is a great alternate choice against diamond. Price-wise as well as feel wise. So, you may see them on most of the top jewelry sites today. They have so many options for you. It is a great choice for the fast women of today. These women love to flaunt their rings once in a while at parties. Mostly, they tend to attend office and work, with these rings on. So, you can go for a Morganite ring. It measures quite high on the Mohs scale. Therefore, you can consider it to be a tough stone. That is the reason this stone is getting popular. You can fall back on the affordability factor for this stone. They are fast alternatives for the pink variety of diamond. These have been long associated with the color ‘marsala’. They are surely catching up with the market trends.

There are so many stones to choose from today. There is Moissanites, Morganite rings, Peridot rings and other stones are aplenty. You will love the rings. They are simply beautiful. So, you can take your pick today. There are cheaper alternatives to diamond. They are beautiful, exquisite and trendy. Moreover, they are perfect for the modern bride of the new age. You can check for yourself.

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