First Aid for minor injuries: strains and sprains

Nowadays a lot of parents and their children are very busy and active. While parents are doing their work from early morning to night, their children are doing many things at school and home without any control over them. Their carefulness may lead to injuries and the knowledge of basic first aid will be appreciated. Without taking Erste Hilfe Kurs München you cannot be sure in your actions and may cause more harm to the injured person. What’s more, it will result in infections and healthcare problems remaining for the whole life.

Sprains and strains 

Sprains and strains seem to be the most spread minor injuries. A strain can look bruised and may cause pain and swelling. On the contrary, a sprain is more serious. Swelling and pain occur in a few seconds. The injured person feels very upset because it takes weeks to cope with the problem. Moreover, it can feel like a broken bone that is rather painful.

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to know what it is exactly with your child whether it’s a sprain or a strain. Symptoms of sprains in kids may include:

  • Pain around or above the injury
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Inability to do simple actions

If you are sure that your child has a strain or a sprain, you have to put some ice packs over the injury, then cover with the bandage and elevate it above the heart until erste hilfe seminar examines it. 

Pain-relieving aspects

Pain medicine can be helpful when you have to overcome the injury quickly to come back for your daily routine. Generally, safe medicines should be chosen for children to relieve pain. Some of them are available over the counter. Mind, it’s better to contact the doctor when planning to give pills to your child.

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