Everything You Need To Know About Car Leasing In Singapore

No one beats travelling as number one on everyone’s bucket list. Whether it is inside or outside the country, travelling is a great way to relax and forget. Imagine yourself being in a car, driving while playing a road trip playlist on Spotify. But if you travel outside the country, you need to rent a vehicle to make your travel convenient.


Rent a car in Singapore is very common for people who will go somewhere far, especially for travellers. To make your travel a good experience, these are the things that you need to remember when renting a car.


Without gasoline, the car is nothing. It is necessary to ask for the fuel that the vehicle uses or prepay the gas as it costs less. You also need to fill the gas before returning it. If you return it empty, you will pay double per gallon.


Insurance depends on the person. But, this option is great for people who will be on a long term car rental. The insurance is for an emergency, and this can also help ensure that the rental car company will not sue you. This service costs a little pricey but can give you some assurance on your travel.

However, some people do not want to do it for these two reasons:

1.    Car insurance

2.    Credit card – if the car insurance does not cover it, the credit card will. 


Always remember that if you rent a car, you must be 25 years old and above. If you are younger than 25, the cost is higher because of the additional fee. Do not also include them as the extra driver.


People use GPS in case of an emergency. But it is usually used as a guide if you are not familiar with the place you are going to. Though GPS is necessary, do not purchase it if you rent the car. The charges for GPS are per day, and sometimes it varies depending on the car rental company.

If you are unsure of the direction, you can use Google Maps.


Before the car leasing company hands the keys, you will sign many papers. It is to ensure that all safety and payment precautions are understood. Once you go, these papers must be with you.

These signed papers are proof that any incident is the customer’s liability. Some of these incidents and violations are:

  • Traffic violation
  • Missing fuel
  • Parking tickets

Bringing papers is necessary if you will do a long term car rental. But aside from the documents, you must also have a driver’s license and a credit card.


Knowing your destinations beforehand saves a lot of time and can help you budget your money. Search for the place’s tourist attractions, what you will do there, and the time you will spend in that place.

If you rent a car, it means that you will only have limited time to use it for your travels.


Car leasing in Singapore is essential, but you must not be responsible for another person’s irresponsibility in using the vehicle. If you see dents, scratches, or any sign of mishandling, you must open or discuss it with the company so they will be informed right away.


Just like gasoline, a rental car is nothing without car keys. Make sure that it is always with you and avoid losing it. Car keys are not something you can photocopy to replace. Aside from the hassle, it can also cost you a lot.

Always remember where you put it or keep it.


Whether you rent the car or not, always remember the safety precautions when driving. Put your seatbelts on every time you enter the vehicle. If you had a good time, find a place to stay. Do not drink and drive.

Before you go, you must also familiarise yourself with the car. Organise some adjustments to your liking or set everything up based on your comfort.


Once the car leasing period ends, return the car on time. The rental car company follows a schedule when it is peak season. If you did not follow the return schedule, additional charges might apply.

Bringing travel extras can help you save more money and spend it on your vacation destinations and agendas.


Many people are first-timers in car leasing. To guide you, here are the steps you need to take if you rent a car in Singapore. 


There are many car leasing companies in Singapore. The catch is: you need to find a cheaper company but provide efficiency. These are the things you can do:

  • Budget your money – if you rent the car, include it in your budget. Also, cover the whole travel expense. Look for the best rates that fit your budget.
  • You can do price matching – look for at least three to five car rental companies, and compare the prices and perks they offer.
  • Check the rules – there are different rules for every company. Look for the one that you can enjoy using without getting stressed over the rules.
  • Reserve – once you find a car rental company, reserve it to ensure the car slot once you reach your travel destination.


Once your travel date arrives, go to the car rental and check for your reservation. Before you leave, make sure that you do these things;

  • Show your license, ID, and reservation number – confirming your identity is a must.
  • Know the exact date and time of return – rent a car in Singapore, and it will provide convenience, so you need to respect the schedule provided to you.
  • Check the vehicle – check any damages on the car and raise it to the company before leaving. If not, it might be blamed on you once you return.


You enjoyed your vacation and followed the date and time of the return. Remember to fill up the tank and report the damages you have done. Get the receipt to know the whole expense.

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