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Collaborating with a recruitment agency: Relevant questions that matter!

If you want to streamline your company’s hiring process and reduce the length of each recruitment cycle, outsourcing is a smart idea.  Many organizations prefer to work with these recruitment agencies, because it helps them acquire, retain & manage talent better. For professionals and potential candidates, signing up with services, such as agence de travail Hunt in Canada, helps in expanding their horizons. If you have never worked with a recruitment agency, the first step is to think of this as a collaborative process. Next, ask these questions – 

  1. How long have you been recruiting people? Which industries do you specialize in?

Expertise is one of the most critical aspects to consider for engaging a recruitment agency. You need a company that understands your niche, industry, and has a keen interest in your organization’s core values and work culture. They also need to have experience in recruitments for special roles. For example, the needs of an IT service would be different than that of an insurance provider. 

  1. How many recruitment experts and consultants do you have? Who will work for me?

As a business owner, you need to know if the recruitment agency is going to assign a few consultants for your company. This is relevant for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to chase the agency to know about the hiring status. Employers in many industries have slammed these agencies for lacking a professional approach. Secondly, you need to communicate your concerns and get updates. As an employer, these inputs can come in handy for salary negotiations. 

  1. How do you charge?

It’s a common myth that hiring a recruitment agency for your business has to be an expensive affair. Considering their work, agencies deserve the accolades, and the price can be negotiated, based on how extensively they are involved with your company. Some agencies demand a percentage fee, which is usually a part of the employee’s or recruit’s salary, while others work on the retainer model. Ensure that you don’t have a long-term contract right away, until you have tested the expertise and proficiency of the selected agency. 

In conclusion

Finally, don’t forget to ask about the recruitment funnel. How they evaluate and find potential employees and the kind of assistance they provide for these candidates are things to consider. Think of such recruitment agencies as the extended arm of your business. Figure out a working model that would address your hiring needs but doesn’t stretch budgets. 

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