Citibank Credit Card Customer Care Information

Citibank, formerly known as City Bank of New York later became First National City Bank of New York was established in 1812. It is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. It has its global presence in numerous countries including India. In the world ATMs were first used by  Citibank and even it is among the pioneers, who employed technology for their utility purpose and are still working on how to improve their  service, so that customers can easily get access with no problem.  

Citibank Credit Cards:

Citibank credit cards  offer simplicity, security and convenience. A person can swipe away his/her own purchases, from groceries, movie tickets to online shopping and utility payments as well. The benefits of using Citibank Credit Cards includes:

  • Credit cards are specifically co-branded ones and have lucrative rewards. You accrue points with your every spend which can be redeemed for free lounge access, fuel, cash back, air miles and many more. So you get back a small amount of what you spend on the use of the card.
  • Even consumer offers are made available for the customers in the form of gift vouchers, free products, discounts and much more, at both offline and online purchase. Also deals above the discounts are offered to cardholders by online and offline merchants.

How to contact Citibank credit card customer care?

Customers can use the local toll free Citi bank credit card customer care number to report all their problems and any issues they are facing. To solve any problems related to Citibank credit cards, the bank has a team for dedicated customer care. 

  • Citibank’s cost free credit card  customer care number  is 1860 210 2484, this number is only applicable for the problems related to Citibank credit cards. Anyone can contact Citibank credit card customer care  from Monday upto Saturday, other than national holidays from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm. For any other issues, customers can contact the given number that is toll-free 1800 210 2484 between above mentioned timings.
  •  +91 22 4955 2484 is the number for those calling outside India. On the above mentioned number a customer can avail services from customer care for their any issues like wealth management, loans for NRI accounts, internet banking, insurance, and different other banking problems or seeking any information.

Online portal is also available to the customers of Citibank to avail the solutions or answers for their particular queries. The customer can even  join the bank’s official website and further can make use of a virtual assistant to solve their specific issues. The customer can also contact the Head of Customer Care through email.

What is the contact of Citibank credit card customer care during an emergency?

In emergencies related to debit or credit card loss or  theft, misuse, one can avail special emergency services provided by Citibank’s emergency customer care. In such situations a customer can contact on the below mentioned number:

  • (India) Cost free number – 1800  267 2425
  • A local dialing number –+91 4955 2425

In the following emergencies a customer can get access of the emergency facility:

  • In case of losing Citibank’s debit or credit card
  • If money wasn’t dispensed on using a debit or credit card
  • In case of credit or debit is stuck inside the slot of ATM
  • If a money transaction isn’t done by you and you get a notification

What is the credit card customer care number for overseas customers or NRI customers?

Citibank even provides services like availing alternate mailing addresses and contact numbers for overseas customers or NRI customers. Below given list contains of credit card customer care numbers that are made available for the NRI by Citibank of different countries:

  • India: cost-free number- +91 22 4955 2484/1800 210 2484 
  • USA:
  1. Cost-free numbers- 1800 248 4674
  • Before opening account-1866 7203 2462 opening
  • UK:
  1. Cost-free number – 1800 248 4674
  2. Before opening account: 1866 703 2462
  • Singapore:
  1. Cost-free numbers: 1800 225 7311
  2. Before opening account:800 101 2342
  • Dubai:
  1. Cost-free number : 800 4626/ 800 4455
  • Bahrain:
  1. Before account opening: 8000 4884
  • Canada: 
  1. Cost-free number:1800 248 4674
  1. Before opening account: 1866 703 2462
  • UAE: 
  1. Before opening account: 8000 172 122
  2. After opening account: 8000 357 03463
    • Thailand: 001 800 65 6196
    • Japan: 00 66 3384 0026
    • New Zealand: 0800 542 300
  • Hong Kong: 800 908 413


Citibank of India with an entire facility onshore platform, is a foreign bank.

Citibank has approximately 2.5 million of customer base across India. In India, Citbank only aids credit cards of Samsung Pay. Citibank of India provides a huge range of services including financial products, consumer banking, and investment banking. 

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