Best tips to avoid Jet lag

With pleasures and comforts of air traveling, there are some unfortunate consequences like jet lag which is experienced by even frequent flyers. Travelers may experience the exhausted, malaise feeling after a long flight. You cannot avoid jet lag entirely but with few tips and tricks you can minimize the effects on your body and mind. You can feel pain in whole body, laziness and even dizziness after a long flight even if it was really comfortable.

Resting well before flight

The first and most important thing to reduce jet lag is a full night good sleep. The traveler must get a good night sleep before the flight, failing to do so can set up travelers for a serious get lag. You can ward off the fatigued feeling by completing your good night sleep and that must be about 8 hours before the flight. That can also be a nap before the evening flight so that you can avoid jet lag.

Avoid alcohol and stay hydrated

The cocktail provided during the flight may seem tempting, or drinks in a party just before your flight may seem so important but the best tip is to avoid alcohol before and during the flights. No matter how tempting they are, they will become worst during the flights as higher altitudes can also change or worsen the effects of alcohol. Instead you can have eight ounces of water for every hours of travel can keep you hydrated, comfortable and ready to face whatever the travel brings. You can give a gift to yourself of an executive limousine after the flight from a limo provider like Burlington Airport Limo services.

Keep Moving

You have to be in your seat during travel, but you are not glued to it for the rest of the journey. You should stretch your legs more often, a walk up the aisle or trip to the rest room will improve blood flow in your body and you will defiantly feel better after a long flight.

Get some sunlight

When sunlight enters in the eyes, the body’s internal clock resets itself daily by receiving a signal. Howard Hughes Medical Institute has researched that if you spend 30 minutes in the sun, it will help the body internal clock reset. It will help you fatigue, anxiety and headache associated with jet lag.

Use helpful gadgets and products

There are lots of gadgets and products for you to avoid or reduce the jet lag. There are specific neck pillows which help you sleep better even while you are sitting in the seat. So you can just sit back and relax in your seat. Shades for eyes which will block all the lights and you can feel the comfort while you are tyring to take a nap.

So in short jet lag is associated with flights and mostly travelers find it really hard to avoid it. You can easily reduce the effect and intensity by just following above tips.

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