Best Features of the Best Heads Up Display

A Head Up Display (HUD) is a great device for cars to display information in the driver’s line of sight. One of the main reasons why people enjoy using these gadgets is the convenience they provide. By displaying necessary data in one place in front of the driver, the need to look around for different information is eliminated. On the other hand, by doing this, the heads up display allows drivers to keep their attention on the road and eliminates distractions resulting in better reaction time in critical situations.

Despite all of these good characteristics, the market of Heads Up Displays is saturated and it can be hard to narrow down which device you would like to spend your hard-earned money on. So we have taken the responsibility off of your shoulders by finding the best HUD device on the market, the EyeLights Heads Up Display. This device not only has a fair price but also features that stand up in the market. Here are three of the many benefits that this gadget offers the driver on a daily basis!

1. GPS

Throughout recent years, GPS has become an essential part of our lives. Some time ago, navigation was mainly needed for traveling to places where you had not been before or did not know very well, however, as the cities grew recently, now we use GPS to navigate in places where we have spent most of our lives. Another benefit of navigation is how it shows information about the traffic, car incidents or other issues on the road. Yet, driving a car and looking at your phone every other second can be very inconvenient or even dangerous leading to a car incident due to distraction. With a car HUD, using your favorite GPS application from your phone will be much easier. The EyeLights Heads Up Display can be easily connected to the phone and will project the map right in front of the driver’s eyes.

2. Accept Calls/Messages

We all know that texting or speaking on the phone while driving is not the best idea and that the driver should always have their full and undivided attention on the road. However, a lot of things in life can go wrong and in an age when we are all so connected all the time, it is impossible to completely avoid phone calls while driving. Hence, you need to be as safe about it as possible and one way to do it is with a Heads Up Display. The HUD device will display all the calls and texts in the driver’s line of sight as well as allow them to accept or decline calls without having to reach for his phone.  

3. Gesture Control

One of the most annoying aspects of using your phone while driving is having to type on your phone. This can also be very dangerous as it distracts the driver from the road and puts him and other people in danger. With the EyeLights Heads Up Display, you can control the information on the display with simple gestures without touching it.

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