3 Best Metrics To Measure Your User Retention Rate


Business leaders and marketers in the age of information are somewhat familiar with the term ‘user retention’. This term is mostly used in the content of your website or mobile apps. Now, you have the opportunity to interact and engage with your potential customers, reaching out to their fingertips 24/7. However, you may have wondered how to your increase user retention in content app. In this post, you will come across three of the most important metrics, that would help you boost your user retention rate.

Scroll depth

It is possible for you to measure the extent to which your users are interested in the content you post using scroll depth as a metric. Once you engage your users, they would spend time on your app, reading the content you post. Scroll depth considers several aspects like:

  • Total number of scrolls
  • Number of times the reader reaches the scroll bounds
  • Overall number of impressions

Content impressiveness

Content impressiveness can be calculated by subtracting the loading time of the page from the overall time a user spends on your app or website. This would help you in finding the effective time spent on a particular page. Content impressiveness refers to the degree of satisfaction or engagement a user enjoys while using your app or website. The better content you post, the more would be the content impressiveness. Using advanced tools to organize your content can help you increase content impressiveness.

Feed rank

Well, you may be posting various stories on your app. In other words, your users may be coming across different types of information from your website or app. Now, feed rank indicates the process of organizing this information, so as to offer the maximum value in terms of content. Monitoring your feed rank, you can present the most relevant information at the top, and then the others.

Well, now you know the right metrics to adopt to enhance your user retention. You might consider integrating the right apps to leverage retention and engagement.


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