Why Do the World’s Best Watches Come from Switzerland?

Swiss watches are definitely in pole position in the world watchmaking circuit. It is because in Switzerland, watchmaking has always been taken seriously. Between law and label, the sector of activity manages to maintain quality, tradition and innovation over centuries. As you will see below, this high reputation was not obtained by accident.

Swiss Law Defines the Local Watchmaking

A watch that has a movement fitted, assembled and controlled in Switzerland is considered Swiss. It is what we could qualify as “Swiss made”. The label was made up in the 18th century by the corporation of watchmakers that wished to fight against American competition by favoring the quality of “handmade and homemade” elements at that time. Therefore, there are strict rules to be followed by each Swiss watchmaker like Louis Chevroletif they want their products to be called as authentic luxury Swiss made watches.

The art of watchmaking in Switzerland is unique, often imitated but never equaled so far. One of the reasons why Swisswatches are so popular and expensive is because they have rich history. The art of watchmaking has disappeared from most regions of the world with the exception of Switzerland. Even if it was not the first or only country to make hand-made luxury watches, Switzerland was and remains the most ambitious and resilient country in the field. This is why watches made in Switzerland are the result of know-how, age-old craftsmanship and a history full of perseverance.

Swiss Watches: Quality on All Levels

Each Swiss watch must prove its technical quality by meeting exacting criteria in terms of accuracy, reliability, impact resistance and water resistance. It must also present a high-end aesthetic character by displaying an original and elegant design. The nobility of the materials endowing the mechanisms or the visual attributes of the watch are also taken into account. Some watches undergo many extremely demanding quality tests, including the precision of the movement and all of its finishes. They are sometimes struck by a label which attests to their high quality.

Real Swiss watches are designed to last.The solid steel cases explain the heavy weight and guaranteedurability and resistance to wear. This material is very resistant to rust and can be polished to remove scratches. Most Swiss watches have a synthetic scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that ensures robustness. The movement of Swiss watches is assembled by hand which offers – also thanks to the use of metal gears – the high quality of the internal mechanisms. Theuse of luxury materials makes it possible to repair scratched or damaged parts.

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