The Magical Holiday and the Fine Gift Options Now

For many, the New Year 2020 is a magical holiday, so on a holiday, everyone wants to receive a special gift. Gift ideas can be very different; it all depends on gender, age and the degree of kinship. But the main thing you should give to friends and family is joy, happiness and good humor.

Original gifts for everyone: a list of ideas

Before listing gift ideas for the New Year, you should discover that it is not worth giving for this holiday. These unnecessary gifts include souvenirs and dishes in the form of a symbol of the year: it is boring, banal and not interesting for anyone. Also, do not buy things too intimate, such as underwear, cosmetics or perfumes. Here you simply cannot please the flavors, colors or make mistakes with the size.

Choosing useful and original New Year’s gifts is worth it according to gender and age:

  • You can give your sister an evening bag, a set of cosmetics, a music box or a ring holder;
  • A sister-in-law or a cousin should consider options such as jewelry, neck scarves or scarf;
  • Dad can give a set of tools or smart watches;
  • Grandfather: glasses, camel hair belt;
  • Mother-in-law or grandmother: a beautiful blouse, belt, kitchen timer;
  • Brother: organizer, car holder, horizontal bar, USB flash drive.
  • Tete: Turkish to prepare coffee, lamp, fragrant bath;
  • Uncle: smart cup, screwdriver set, ionizer, solar flashlight.

Colleagues for the New Year should choose the same corporate gifts, so, economically; you can buy figures with the symbol of the year, calendars, soap figures. Women can be presented with a notebook, an aroma medallion or a magnetic support. For men, flash drives, pens, mouse pads or a good alcohol can be a good gift. The boss can give an image, a set of lenses, a watch or an electronic photo frame.

Making gifts is a pleasant tradition that allows you to not only express your attention, but also surprise a person. In terms of surprise check vanilla gift card balance and gift it.

For friends who are worthy Choose gifts with a fresh but original intention that reflects good friendships. A man can be presented with a coffin, a hot cup, a table waterfall or a portable weather station. Gift ideas such as handmade jewelry or a certificate in the best beauty salon will solve the problem of what to give to the bride of New Year 2019.

Recently, self-made gifts, which can be presented for the New Year 2019 to the nearest and dearest, are increasingly in price.

Some gift ideas:

  • Photo frame, which can be decorated with appliques, nuts, coins;
  • Embroidered napkins and pillows;
  • Pebble massage mat;
  • Soft New Year toy;

Beautiful cake or other sweets

When choosing a gift for the 2019 New Year family, you should pay attention to the fact that all its members will like, for example, to find something interesting and useful for home or interior.

Great gift ideas:

Original lamp If the house is decorated in a classic style, you can donate a vintage floor lamp or choose a modern 3D lamp in the form of a bird, animal, flower, boat or architectural structure.

Vase with style. Today, you can find interesting ideas for hand-painted vases, with lighting, you can also ask for a vase with engraving.

A set of photo frames. You can buy a set of frames of different sizes, in the form of any shape or family tree

Chandelier. Today, many families light candles for the New Year, so this gift will be relevant for the winter holidays.

Figures. If the family collects interesting home decorations, then you can choose a beautiful statuette to suit your taste.

You can also give the family a sofa cushion with their photos or a symbol of next year, as well as a set of festive tablecloths and napkins.

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